Hostel One Ribeira

Nosso hostel não vende apenas camas, vende uma experiência para cada um dos nossos hóspedes. Nos ajude a proporcionar uma experiência inesquecível.

O Worldpaker terá um quarto com um mezzanine, banheiro privado e cozinha. O quarto será divido com os outros voluntários. Cada andar tem a capacidade para 4 pessoas.


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Lived my first experience as a volunteer was amazing even though I didn't remember my english haha, but it was a great opportunity to able to put in practice it, with doubts if you decide to come to this hostel you will have a unique experience. You will make new friends and develop new skills! The guests and the others volunteers are very friendly and Vanessa (the manager) is very dedicated, attentive and always available! Hostel One Ribeira you are in my heart ♥

hace 2 meses



I loved doing my first volunteering at this hostel. If you like to hang out and talk with guests, this is a great place! I had stayed in other hostels as a guest and had never seen such a great vibe with the guests. Vanessa is very dedicated to the hostel and attentive to others. Every hostel is different and there we got to do a little bit of everything and we have free days too. I thought it best to do it this way. Recommend this place if you are a guest or staff. I had a very good exchange with Vanessa and the volunteers who were with me. Hostel one family 🤍

hace 3 meses



I arrives in mid-March and I'm still here. I fell completely in love with porto, it's the right city with the perfect size and it has it all. about the hostel is like being at home, really a family. Vanessa (the manager') , is a super flexible, communicator and dedicated person in her work. come all who really love to live in hostel, volunteer and be curious about yourself when it comes to explodingrar his skills.
there's no doubt I'll be here for a long time.

hace 8 meses



This is an amazing hostel. I had a great time with H1 staff, while cooking together, having dinner with staff and guests. chit chat with new guests from every corner of the world. Drink together, enjoy music, go outside with friends in night carrying your drink, this hostel is in center of the porto so it's very near to everything beat supermarket, bridge, restaurant pub bardls etc. I loved it, thanks to Vanessa and everyone who was a part of the h1 team......I hope to see you again all......

hace 8 meses



Me sentí en casa desde el momento en q llegué al hostel.
Aprendí mucho con Vanessa (gerente del hostel). Una persona muy paciente, gentil, siempre de buen humor, muy justa a la hora de designar las tareas, extremadamente profesional...un ejemplo de liderazgo.
Los guests del hostel también personas muy agradables de compartir.
La ciudad de Porto, es increíble (aún en época de lockdown).
Recomiendo esta experiencia y hostel a todos los q estén interesados, fue y seguirá siendo una excelente decisión tomada, ya q prolongaré mi estadía como voluntario 😁.
Good vibes a todos para esta “plandemia”

hace 10 meses

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