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You can meet many people from all of the world and stay traditional Japanese house. Sometimes we have a party in the hostel. You could have fun with staffs and guests. And at our area is convenience to go other places. Bus stop, subway station, supermarket, good restaurant and castle are our neighbor.

Our staffs are from many different countries. And the owner is a Japanese guy who has traveled in the world. He also speak Spanish, Malay and English. You could heard something interesting from him all the time when you're talking with him.


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Unfortunately I stayed just one day. I had a great welcome from Julie, but the place they offer for volunteers to sleep is very creepy: you sleep in a rooftop full of dust and curtains made by textiles and you have also to watch out your head when you get up in the morning and when you get off teh stair. The hostel is a beautiful, ancient and traditional house,but they could offer more for seven hours per day of working.




I have no words to thank for the opportunity they gave me to me to stay in hostel mundo l.... the time I was there was amazing and will always be unforgettable thank you...and yes I recommend it a lot for the affection and opportunity they offer to all the travelers .. Julia , sherry, Kotomi Ana comes-San arigato, thanks you, and muchas gracias




I volunteered for 2 months and had an amazing time! All the staff members are very nice and we had a lot of fun together. Work is not hard and you get to meet a lot of people from many places in the world. Kyoto is a beautiful city with many places to see. I will never forget this wonderful experience! Thanks to everyone at Hostel Mundo!




Kyoto is an amazing city and the stuff at the hostel are just great! The place can get quite busy sometimes and the tasks can be a bit demanding, but someone usually shows up to give you a hand and make you some company :D
I had a really great time at the hostel and I’m surely coming back! xD I’m very grateful for all the learning and the amazing friends I made there :D




All team and volunteers are amazing! The tasks are reasonable and you can enjoy a very nice environment and travel.


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