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Excelente hostel y muy agradable ,lleno de energia y buena onda. Completamente recomendable para viajeros de todo el mundo.

17 días atrás


It's a very chill out place. The tasks were not my speciality, but i could find the way to do it. Sometimes runing the check-in's, serve at the bar, and beeing the dude in charge can be a little overwhelming, therefore Mike is always aviable to help or even show up at any circumstance. I'm greatful with the team, Paola, Arely, Checo and Gaby, for make me feel like home. Is super nice to meet new people flom all over the world in this caribean paradise that is Tulum. The best street food (Manny) is super nearby and good party's just a copple of blocks away. I improved my cook skills. Gracias!

más de 1 año atrás


Staying at hostel Sheck was great! I worked at reception/bar, had great working hours (plenty of time to explore during the day and working after!). The work is fun and most times it is easy but sometimes it can be overwhelming (a lot of things to take care of at the same time).
The staff is great, they are very loving, if you speak good spanish you will definitely be a part of the group.
Mike is always available if you have doubts, questions or if you need help.
Breakfast is delicious and you stay in the main dorm with other guests (good space, outlets, fans).
Had a great experience!

más de 1 año atrás


Hostel sheck Is a great place to volunteer, you feel right at home from the moment you get there, all the staff and travelers were like a family, Tulum is my favorite place in the Riviera Maya, with the best beaches, cenotes, ruins and tons of activities to keep you busy, the work is plecent the hours are fair with plenty of free time, the hostel is cozy, just a great place to volunteer.. thank you Mike and hostel sheck staff, hope to see you again

más de 1 año atrás


Fue una experiencia increíble, las 3 semanas se fueron super rápido, recomiendo totalmente este hostel. El ambiente es agradable, limpio, las jornadas son justas y lo más importante haces muy buenas amistades, gracias a todo el team de Hostel Sheck, se les extrañará.

casi 2 años atrás