Hotel Ramsingh Palace

We are a group of young guys running a guest house for over four years now and would love to meet and work with like minded individuals. Located in the city center we are in easy access to everything if someone needs to pursue a course and study.

The guest house serves our guests in a very professional; manner yet trying to keep the atmosphere lively and casual. one can expect a vibrant a lively feel once they start working with us and complete freedom for new ideas and thoughts.


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Great experience! I had a lot of fun. Mahendra, bhupendra and teja were the best. They helped me a lot with my work, which was mostly help at the reception or with the guests. They expect you to talk with them, create activities like movie nights or games night, or just help them with the menu (most of us don’t know the names of Indian food).
The hotel is REALLY nice and clean, with a lot of space outdoors (rooftop, a small pool) and is one tuk tuk away from the pink city.
Guys were also really helpful with advice and tourist tips to really enjoy the city. Thanks Manish for the opportunity!

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Fomos bem recebidos, o hotel possui um estrutura bacana para a cidade, porém não foi cumprido com o combinado no site duas situações: falava na aplicação que seria quarto privado, mas foi quarto compartilhado, e falava que seriam 2 dias de folga e cinco dias trabalhados, mas foram 6 dias trabalhados. Ou seja, não cumpria com o que dizia no site, e ao questionar o anfitrião o mesmo dizia que não era o que estava escrito, que aquilo estava errado. Também tive dificuldades com os demais apoios da casa, pois eles só falavam indiano, então a única forma de comunicação era por “mímica”. Mas valeu!!

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It was really good experience for me to work as a painter in this hostel. The owner Manu is proud of arts in his hotel, and I felt that I want to make artworks that would be part of his arts.
He shared me a lot of ideas so I could get images about the works.
Not only Manu but also all staffs are super kind and helpful!
It was my first time to volunteer in Worldpackers , but the room is clean, foods are so nice and they gave me a lot of time to walk around the Jaipur city, so my stay was very comfortable :))
Best wishes for your continued success.
Thank you sooooo much!!

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Actually, big miss of management. We have stayed there for 4 days, they havent give us work. After 3 days, we met one of the 3 managers and he told us that it is not acceptable because we havent give some time in exchange for now. We were completely agree but they just havent give us work.. So we met him, he tell us what we will need to do, he gave to us like the entire hotel to clean + drawing a big wall, It was too much. First night we slept, 3 Indian guy entered the room and they were drunk, the throw up everywhere and they did not even clean up. We stayed with vomit during 3 days.

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manish respondido

You told us you are super artistic in decoration and photography. When asked for references of what you could design or any past work done. You never got back to us, even after staying with us for 4 days. All you wanted were the freebies from the hotel.
You also requested us to volunteer for house keeping work,for which we mutually agreed.
About the stay, firstly, you were given a private room. How could any one else enter without your permission. Secondly, house keeping includes cleaning. If any of your friend came to your private room and you guys partied and vomited. Either, you could have cleaned it by yourself or you could have told at reception for cleaning the same.
Eventually, you left without informing anyone at the property that too during the dawn. Although, you came to stay with us for 7-8 nights.



The hotel is beautiful, big and everything works pretty well, Manish and the staff are very attentive! Unfortunatelly there was a part under construction, so we were not so full and there was not much to do.. but I could sightsee and update their social media telling about the city! Jaipur is awesome :) Lots to see, to do and to buy... Never skip the chance to watch a movie in Raj Mandir Cinema (even if all in Hindi!).. Thanks for all the experience I could have with you guys :)

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