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We seek students or students who have recently completed their degree to apply for one month’s vocational work experience. This is an exciting and interesting opportunity. Over 400 students have visited House of Mark who tell us they have loved being here, many return. We arrange reunions all over the world, students visit other students from all over the world.

House of Mark, is a fabulous guest house nestling amongst the glens. Formerly a manse, open all year and set within two acres at the foot of the Cairngorms National Park. House of Mark also has a self-catering cottage (House of Mark Cottage) and hostel accommodation is coming soon. The work required is very varied and you will have time to visit other parts of Scotland during your time here. The chores would consist mainly of helping with every aspect of running a guests’ house and maintain the guest satisfaction. Housekeeping is the main workload and we are quite fastidious in cleanliness. Apart from all the household chores, we have a dog who loves nothing more than being walked. So we hope you are an animal lover? We also have a large garden and gardening is always on the agenda. Help in this department is never refused.


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No lo recomiendo para nada.
Son personas que buscan perfiles muy muy exactos y para nada están abiertos a conocer a las personas de otros lares y valorarlas por lo que puedan ofrecer.
Me cuestioban toda mi forma de ser, incluso cosas que no tenían que ver con el trabajo y por mucho que lo hiciera lo mejor posible, nada les parecía bien.
Querían echarme por la cara a tres dias antes teniendo un tren y un vuelo pagado y tuve que contactar con el seguro World Packer porque me vi completamente sola.
No son nada diplomáticos ni empáticos.
Hacia tiempo que no me sentía tan discriminada

8 días atrás

Ian respondido

Over ten years we have not had a student who was as unreliable, and quite frankly possess zero social skills.
Many students return to House of Mark, just as Magdalena has done right now. House of Mark is accepting of all students from all over the world, our student website has students reviews and comments. Unfortunately we cannot agree with Cinta review, or comments. We do however hope she can find a way in her life.


It was my first worldpackers experience and I had an amazing time there. Would definitely recommend the House of Mark!

2 meses atrás

Ian respondido

Thank you Lena, hopefully we will see you again soon. Good Luck in everything you do

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