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Welcome to Hummus Hostel & Restaurant
We just opened our new Hostel in Sri Lanka, Hikkaduwa
Perfect central location, located between the two beaches Hikkaduwa is known for, The Hostel located on the other side of the beach just across the Road.
The hostel is 3 floors which we have had it renovated and the rooms equipped for the comfort and needs of most travelers.
Share with us your experiences and we will learn from it to grow and be better. Be among our first volunteers, we are excited to work with you.

At the Hostel you will be working with us and other staff and volunteers. working hours are flexible, central location in Hikkaduwa, Respecting others and being nice is all what we require.


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The Hummus Hostel is a very nice and social place, perfect to meet travellers from all over the world and to get to know local people, food and traditions. In the morning I did the ironing, the rest of the day I had to socialize with guests, go get breakfast or lunch with them and play games in the evening. I really enjoyed that and made a lot of friends. The owner is a really chill guy, but workwise it just didn‘t work out for me. We weren‘t on the same page and communication was difficult. At a certain point I didn’t feel welcome anymore, so I decided to leave after 2 weeks instead of 4.

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Thank you for the Review, yes we do welcome our guests with love and our volunteers with more love, we do care a lot about volunteers who come from different country's to join us maybe that's why u felt welcome at first.
Breaking the rules was the reason we asked you to leave, we ask volunteers to join us so they help us to make the hostel a nicer place for guests.
Everyday u used to take a group of guests u meet in the hostel to join you going to another bars, places....etc which made the atmosphere less fun with less guests around.
So basically u used the hostel to make your trip more fun instead of really helping the business.

Anyway hope u had a good time in Srilanka, be safe and well.

good luck with your studies and life, your an amazing young lady and thank you for the time u stayed with us.

Hummus Hostel,



I volunteered at the Hummus Hostel with a friend, and it was a really good experience. The place is nice, and they are really flexible with the schedule and you have time to visit and chill out. Thank you for the opportunity!

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I really enjoyed my time at Hummas Hostel. I was there for three weeks with my friend and we loved getting to know the staff at the hostel and making friends with the locals. The work we were expected to do was very fair with the majority of our hours being focused on making the guests feel welcome and included. The owner trusted us to get on with tasks and his main concern was ensuring guests were having a good time so it was important for us to create a social atmosphere which I really enjoyed.

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I volunteered here with my friend for 3 weeks and fell in love with the place, the staff and the locals.
The place is really chill and sociable we made quite a lot of friends in our time here.
The owner has a relaxed attitude and lets you get on with what you need to do…he’s very keen for you to get involved with the guests, make them feel welcome and included which is what we loved the most.
We will return to spend Christmas here 🥰

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My experience at the hummus hostel was above my expectations. Since it is low season it wasn’t busy all the time I had time to relax and to enjoy both the place and the town. The work was easy, mostly he wants you to socialize with guests and create a good atmosphere. Helping around the hostel, it depends on the things that are to do but generally reception, helping around and with laundries if needed. I enjoyed cooking with the other volunteers and with the guests as well. The owner is very nice, he is not demanding and leaves you lots of space to manage the work yourself. I loved it!

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