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Our dogs deserve the best care, love, affection, attention but still with the knowledge that they are working animals...not pets! The life we lead is practical. Common sense, nothing fancy. Just back to basics and appreciating what life has to offer. The bond that you can create with the dogs is amazing. But it is a lifestyle, not so much an A4 type of job. Its secluded so being able to entertain yourself and being alone and having motivation to see work and do what needs to be done is important without supervision.

Its just my husband, my two kids (Jack soon 7, and Luke 4) and myself with our 80 dogs. Even though we run a tourism business... it really isnt so much a job/business for us.. it is our lifestyle. Living outdoors, being with the dogs.. they require love, attention, food everyday.. bad weather or good weather, whether we are sick or we are healthy, broken leg or not... hehe! They always need us. So the mindset is important to understand that our life is our dogs and our way of life.


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I liked running and cuddling the dogs, but most of my days were filled with cleaning cages. The days were too long, there were few days off and I didn't feel a lot of appreciation for my work. In addition, there was no clear working schedule, and the common room was rather messy. Also, we couldn't use the internet for streaming movies. Moreover, you have to buy your own food in the first two weeks. Also, it was just me and one other volunteer. If you like nature a lot and care little about human interaction, then this is the place for you. Otherwise, I would not recommend. I left after 8 days.

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Jordana respondido

Thanks for your feedback Tim. I avoided writing a review for you because its never nice to receive only negative feedback from a host. But as your previous hosts have also written... you dont have a good work ethic. You need constant supervision. constant input. and constantly need to be praised about how amazing you are and what a fabulous job you think you are doing! And unfortunately that does not work at our location. We require efficient people that are interested in the work with the dogs and cleaning cages is the most essential part to ensure that the dogs are well kept. We are not here to hold your hand! we require assistance, so that we can do other things that we otherwise are not able to do.... and unfortunately you didnt understand that nor respect that. We also spend time showing you how to harness dogs how to take the dogs training, how to run the dogs... but there really was unfortunately no point for us to continue putting effort into someone who totally had no future with us! which is why we asked you to leave! The previous volunteers we have had have not required a 9-5 schedule with written instructions on what to do at exactly what time and when and how. But again like i said to you before when you were here... you simply do not fit in this lifestyle.

We have never ever had a volunteer come to us before who complained about not being able to stream movies!!! We live in the forest.. internet connection isnt like in a big city!... things are basic and the common room is a place where the volunteers hang out.. its not my job to clean up your mess! Most people come here for the experience of enjoying the nature, being with the dogs and doing the things that are required to ensure the dogs are happy and well kept and safe while training them. They dont come to sit in the common room, watch movies and complain!

When another volunteer came to us who had been driving his car for more than 3000kms almost nonstop and i told him to take the next day for himself to rest up.. you started a confrontation of how unfair this was to you because the week before you had also travelled by train for a few hrs and were not given the luxury to have some rest! Seriously?? you were complaining about going into the dog yards and cuddling the dogs and picking the shit for them so the dogs have it well!

We did not gel well at all... because the world revolves around you, and your needs and your desires and what you think you should do and what you think you deserve. Perhaps it works like that elsewhere... but here our dogs depend on the help! and a lot of that is to clean cages... and be with the dogs... until you learn how the dogs react, and the dogs get to know you! Nevertheless within the 8 days you were here you also went out training with the dogs a couple of times.. which many guests from all over the world would love to do. And you unfortunately seemed to not even be able to appreciate that!

So you are right, people that are interested in working as little as possible, have the need for constant praise, need a detailed hourly working schedule, can't handle basic living conditions and are not able to put the dogs before their own desires... should definitely not apply!

We appreciate people that put a genuine effort for the welfare of the dogs and have a sense of determination and respect for our lifestyle. Yes its hard work, yes it can be long days, and yes its getting your hands dirty....and its basic... living in the forest! Its definitely not for everyone! its for the adventure seekers and those that are able to get out of the A4 box. Its an absolutely amazing lifestyle, where your connection with the dogs is central. where having your own team of dogs and creating a bond with the dogs is unlike any other experience. We love our dogs, we love our lifestyle and hope to be able to share that with other people who have the same sense of adventure and openness to share our passion!

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