Our children have been victims of the state and society, many of them do not know love, fun or happiness, the fact that you can give them your time, your patience, your solidarity and empathy is a great gift for them. By volunteering with us, you contribute your grain of sand to our programs. With the time that you live with our children and other people, you leave a mark on them, but, above all, they leave their mark on you. On your Intercultural Day it is where you show the children the customs and traditions that are carried out in your country, it is an experience where they learn and enjoy that connection of cultures.

We are a family that seeks to grow every day in its different areas to support the individual and social development of our population. We have had different volunteers within our organization and each one of them has stayed in our hearts for their infinite support towards us. We know how difficult it is to arrive in a new country without meeting new people, but here we guide and support you at all times. Before the established dates of arrival of the volunteers, we coordinate a video call with them to get to know each other and explain more about our rules, tasks and schedules. Once the dates have been set, we send you 3 documents that are important for you to read and sign, which are the confidentiality agreement, child protection and terms and conditions.

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