IEROKIPIO Permaculture Land & Training Center

This is a great opportunity to experience Permaculture / off-grid living, and learn how to be sustainable and resilient to climate challenges.

In terms of learning new skills, I will gladly teach and share with you a broad variety of topics including, water harvesting & management, greywater systems, soil building & soil amendments, composting, building, carpentry, welding, irrigation, wicking beds & raised beds, natural & alternative building and many more. You will also have the opportunity to be a part of the different events and festival we organise, participate in open days for volunteers, permablitzes and seed savers activities that we organise with Cyprus Seed Savers team, for heirloom seeds. Additionally you will also have the opportunity to learn about growing clean organic food, herbs and medicinal plants, and propagating, planting and grafting trees and plants.

Gabriel is a lifelong student of his self.    He began his career in the Music Industry, running his professional recording studio for 20 years; as a Sound-Engineer, Producer, Project Manager/Organizer, Advisor or/and as an artist.  This also included freelance work in Cyprus and abroad for different customers including the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra & Cyprus Theatre Organisation. During those years he also dedicated plenty of his time in arts, through photography, music and sculpture. His skills in the area of Arts were further developed and include a diploma in Photography, a foundation course in Arts & Design, Web Designing, photo and video editing, and social media integration.  His real passion though, was lying in the field of sustainable living.  As a boy scout he developed a deep love and appreciation for mother earth, which later on sparked a desire to protect and restore what was given to us and sustain it for the generations to come. A well-travelled and ardent seeker of truth, Gabriel  holds a clear vision of the future: Wanting to “become the change you want to see in the world”, he began making his vision a reality by creating his own private paradise, IEROKIPIO, out in the forest in the heart of the island of Cyprus.  Continuously studying and following everything that came his way in the field of sustainable living: permaculture, eco-village design, aquaponics, natural building etc., led him to start experimenting and applying these techniques on a small forest cabin house he owned, converting it to a “green” house, using 70% recycled and junk materials, solar panels, grey-water systems, composting toilet, rainwater harvesting storage systems, and many more.   In 2007 he founded ECOLIFE, a green company involved in trading, utilising and promoting green products (construction, design and erection of Geodesic Domes, Solar energy, composting toilets), technologies (Aquaponics, Grey-Water treatment) and concepts (Permaculture), that contribute to the solution of problems related to basic needs of humanity. (i.e. food, sheltering, health, poverty, resources conservation  etc.).   Building further on, on his personal sustainability and resilience training, in 2014 he completed his Permaculture Design Course (PDC) with Peter Cow & Nicolas Netien.   On October 2015 he completed his Permaculture Teachers Training with Rosemary Morrow, Alfred Decker and Patricia Pereira, something that gave him the chance to start educating people on how to create the ideal conditions that will allow them to reach a more resilient, harmonious, peaceful and spiritual life. Since 2016, along with his permaculture partner Sofia, they formed Permaculture Designs Cyprus, with the goal to offer regenerative and resilient design solutions for homes, schools and farmlands. ​ On June 2017 he received an award from the Cyprus Green Party, for his services & overall contribution on spreading, practising and establishing Permaculture and other sustainable practices and techniques that aim to regenerate natural and social ecosystems. ​ On January 2018 he completes a Water Harvesting for Food Security Certification Course in Laikipia, Kenya, at Naatum Womens’ Group center, a Maasai women’s group that is part of the Laikipia Permaculture Project, with world recognized lead facilitator Warren Brush and assistant facilitators  Joseph Lentunyoi (founder of Laikipia Permaculture Center (LPC) and Istvan Marculy. On February 2019 he completes an ADVANCED PERMACULTURE for CLIMATE RESILIENCE COURSE with Oregon University, U.S. with Javan Bernakevitch, Andrew Milisson, and others. On April 2019 he completes a Citizen Science: From Soil to Sky Course with-University of Dundee, UK with Dr Naomi van der Velden,  Dr Drew Hemment, Gerid Hager, &  Dr.Blair McKenzie.  ​ Gabriel is also an accredited Fusion 7 Healing & ThetaHealingTM practitioner and a passionate advocate for personal & spiritual growth. During his personal journey to self and the divine, he is researching the Goddess; her history and her place in modern life with a goal to balance the masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves, of our planet, and the divine, and the tours that created and led with his soul-brother Nektarios, form a fundamental part of that research.  “These tours are a lot more than just taking people to see nice places”, says Gabriel, “They are about forming true groups; where the whole is greater than the sum-of-the-parts; this group energy can then empower each individual to explore one’s self and beyond, and ultimately give something back”.   At present he lives and works at IEROKIPIO, where he’ s applying everything he learned through a dedicated Permaculture Design he prepared for IEROKIPIO, based on the Ethics & Principles of Permaculture.   Gabriel also works as a Teacher & public speaker offering his services to individuals, organizations, groups, and companies.


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Ierokipio was an unforgettable experience in fully understanding how important the whole practice of Permaculture and the culture and philosophy surrounding it, is for our future generations. Gabriel Pandelis is an extremely knowledgeable leader in his field, and a very profound person in so many areas of life, kind, patient, humourous and able to clearly convey his excellent message to people from all countries and cultures.

This is truly an experience that has changed my direction in life for the better.

Thank you so much Gabriel and all the awesome friends I was lucky to meet with.

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