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We are a Non-government organization located in Uganda in the eastern part of Africa in a town called Jinja in a village called Bujagali which is located along the shores of the River Nile. We provide you with full security 24/7 we are available all the time day and night at any time to secure you. We are focused on helping vulnerable kids, orphans, and single mothers, supporting kids towards their education, empowering local farmers, agriculture, Arts and crafts and locally hosting volunteers and tourists. We offer three meals a day, we offer free dance classes, language classes, village walk, history about our country and culture, free access to our foundation properties because we are taken as one family at the foundation as well we pick up volunteers from airport unfortunately we are not yet to have organisation van. We hire a transport means for pick up and drop off as well a volunteer has to cover the costs. We make a volunteer experience our local lives and we create an ever-lasting memory in his or her life. We offer private rooms to volunteers like couples and personal as well we have dorms whereby many volunteers from 2 to 8 can share our big dorms. We make a volunteer take full participation in our project activities and community activities like teaching kids at the foundation( you can teach them new languages, helping them with school work, guiding them among others), doing agricultural activities like growing crops, digging, harvesting as well bringing in new ideas, helping single mothers and vulnerable people in our community. A volunteer can help us to bring us any technology devices, new properties related to human basic needs as well as any kind of support to make our work at the foundation easy and progressive We make a volunteer feel at home. We also provide a foundation T-shirt and local sim card, three meals a day to those volunteers who stay with us as well doing tourist activities in Uganda and being taken to the River Nile and some explore Camps around us during his or her leisure times.

I'm igulu Sinani a Ugandan by nationality who was born in 1997 and raised in a small village called Bujagali. Graduated for Information Technology at Kampala International University in Uganda. Am single. We have a team of five male and four female staff members. We have experienced staff members who have ever worked in many organisations and public places. My passion for working with the Igulu foundation is to "use our voices to speak far for those who can't speak far" by expressing the feelings of the local community people by exposing their loyalty to people around the globe. I believe that I can't accomplish this mission alone but if we can get a joint voice we shall make local lives matter with your cooperation. Maximum love, respect and care are awaiting for our volunteers to enjoy it. The amazing life experience in Uganda plus amazing adventures which shall create an everlasting memory in your life is ready for you.


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From the first moment the staff and children were welcoming. I had a large room with a double bed, and very good meals. The village is far from the city, so it was a very good cultural experience, life in the community, and living day to day with the children, who are of different ages, eager to study and very intelligent. I collaborated with afternoon classes and games. We thought of ideas for new ways to bring resources to the Foundation and I made promotional arts. The volunteering is very flexible and Igulo gave me space to work in the way I thought best. I am grateful and recommend!!

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Thanks to Gioconda who dedicated her life to our foundation. She did whatever it costs to see a new change at our foundation. She was a teacher of all seasons and she will be forever . She is a person who is after seeing the transition. Thanks for your endless care and love towards the kids at our foundation ❤️



I had a blast! Stayed two weeks at this lovely place. I felt always more than welcome. It was really nice that I had a own room with a big and comfortable bed. The meals were always delicious. I could there realized a lot. Could play with the adorable kids. After they finished the school I also had the opportunity to teach them. Not far away are some touristic camps which are directly next to the nile. Nice place for relaxing. Because of the poverty you have to be prepared that they live a simple life. But the whole staff member do everything that you enjoy the stay! Can only recommend it!

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It's our pleasure to be your host. As well we are proud of your humble personality, hard working, great ideas, advise and progressive strategies you shared out. Thanks for the great love and much contributions and support financially. ❤️



Igulu Foundation is a wonderful space to volunteer. The staff is incredible as well as the children and the people who live in the community. The activities are flexible and you will be able to learn about the culture (games, food, traditions) and also the local language (Lusoga). Thank you for giving us the opportunity to work and share with you, you are amazing and we will not forget you!

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Ricardo(Ngobi) with Estefania ( Nangobi) our kids are now having have better sleeping hours since you helped us to get the mattresses. We are now able to feed the kids in time because you helped us to construct the kitchen. Some of our kids are now in school because you helped us and sponsor and buy books, pencil to our kids.

Your stay contributed a lot to our foundation and our entire community at large.

Your names shall be always remembered in everything we do.

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