'In English, Please!' English Language Club

Staying in Ocotepeque is an unique opportunity to experience a rural Honduran town with fruits and vegetables markets everyday . There are many opportunities to talk to locals and practice spanish with me. Ocotepeque is a safe place where everyone knows everyone!

You will experience our Honduran family values. You will get to observe how we live and how we work.

We are happy to share this town with you and show you to wherever you like to go!

Before you leave we teach you how to cook some Honduran food and I would love if you can show me a new dish!
Please dont forget to write the recipe in a book for us!

If you want to get more teaching experience, you are here on the right place. You can plan your lessons and topics, be creative and enjoy what you do. But in the same time you always get support if you need.

You will live with my family and joining the team! There is me, Carol, the only teacher of this school and heart of the house. I have been growing up in Ocotepeque and I know every corner of it. I would be very happy to show you around my lovely hometown -Ocotepeque. Then there are my two kids. My daughter Camilla, she is 15 years old and my son, who is 21 years old. My mom Gloria lives with us as well. She is already 84 years old and a little bit forgettable but a very friendly and warm person. She likes to go on walks in the nearby park with the volunteers. And last but not least there is Maria, she is working for us for over 25 years and cooks the most amazing meals. She also keeps the whole house in order. You will be welcomed to stay with us, hang out with us and feel like part of us. Most of my family speaks a bit of English, enough to communicate. But we would love to teach you Spanish

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