Itaca il Casale del Geco selvaggio

Update for this season, we are looking for:
-someone that help us to take care of our childs, they are in un schooling, help with our outdoor project with children, work in the country house, taking care of the vegetable garden, cooking, cleaning and restoring the house.

Hello, we are Federica, Domenico and Melo, Inyan, Claudio, Antonia, Pietro, Zia Lina and zia Giulia! we are restoring this very old house, left in a state of neglect in the last 70 years and recovered from our group of 9 in the last 7 years. The firsts two volunteers that stopped by here, helped to restart the big project behind this area, and to solidify the family's group opinions. After this experience we thought to share this little fort with the people that want to take a break from all the rest. The tower originally from the eighteenth century evolved over time to farm, pilgrimage site, mansion villa and then was disfigured of its beauties by construction companies, speculators and various .. located only 3km from the city, without connections to the eletric current, the aqueduct and the sewage, it remains a small treasure of history and nature with a simple and essential aspect. We have to thank friends, relatives, volunteers that helped us so we can open our home to others. Now, through this platform, we begin to share it with you in order to support it and live a little more of this life together.

We are open minded people, easy people, sociable but not intrusive. So don't you worry, you will be treated well, no stress. We have 2 little boys, they are wonderful and really wants to know all about all! You can also learn a lot of little things from them! So, come. Please note: Don't tell us you want us to reserve a space/time slot for you unless you are sure you want to commit to stay for the agreed upon time. We want to avoid situations where other volunteers are turned a way because you say you are coming but you don't, or you leave early and we are left without help.


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I had an amazing time at this experience!! The family is welcoming and kind, and the home is beautiful. I recommend this experience for anybody looking for an escape from technology and fast paced life. If you’re considering, please feel free to message me and I’ll tell you more :)

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Fede and her whole family are absolutely wonderful. I really enjoyed my stay with them. I felt very welcomed and was always treated with respect. Sadly I only stayed 2 weeks, I would definitely recommend staying a little longer if you have the time. But even in those two weeks I learned a lot and had a lot of fun :)

hace 10 meses



Ha sido una experiencia maravillosa. He podido aprender mucho, colaborar, y divertirme al mismo tiempo.
Toda la familia y sus amigos son encantadores. Sin duda, te sientes como en casa.

È stata un'speriencia meravigliosa. Sono stata in grado di imparare molto, collaborare e divertirmi al stesso tempo.
Tutta la famiglia e i lori amici sono adorabili.
Senza suppio, ti senti a casa.

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Domenico, Fede y el pequeño Melo are a beautiful family. They shared beautiful things with us, really valuable. Their proyect really have a Hart. We enjoy our time there and leaned really interesting techniques. Thank you for everithing! I definetly recommend this experience.

hace casi 5 años

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