ITH Los Angeles Beach Hostel

Los Angeles is full of cultural exchange. Hermosa Beach is the volleyball capital. Sunny days most days of the year. You will be able to meet people from all around the world since we have international guests and staff.

Friendly and relaxed atmosphere. We like to have fun at this hostel. Come and make new friends! We are located in Hermosa beach, a small touristic town in Los Angeles County.

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Korea, South


Nice people. Good location right in front of Hermosa beach and welcoming vibes.
I enjoyed staying here!

hace 5 días



Bruno was the best manager I could have asked for. He always had our backs, and communication was clear. Nicky, the supervisor, is so sweet and reliable. I'm glad to have them running the hostel. I would definitely recommend this place, Hermosa beach is so beautiful!

hace 12 días



The volunteering at the hermosa beach hostel was wonderfull.

I need to particularly emphasize the relationship with the manager and the other hosts. It was always a fun atmosphere, a strong bond in the team and everyone did a great job.

I think the location of the hostel is awesome. The short distance to the beach, the nice beach walk and still some bars and restaurants nearby.

Due to the short distance to the airport and the rather quiet customers, there is a chill vibe in the hostel. Which is rarely disturbed by the live music from the bar below.

hace 1 mes



The best volunteer I’ve been to so far!! It’s a shame that I had to leave earlier for personal reasons, but the time I was there I had a great time!!

hace 2 meses

Estados Unidos


ITH Hermosa beach has been such a fun experience! The area is just breathtaking and the environment has been comfortable.
If you’re looking for a fun beach hostel that’s pretty laid back; this is the place!

hace 2 meses

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