ITTAN Farmer's house

We are a small community in a rural area. It's VERGE APARTMENTS. (This is just name of the community. It's not a real apartment.) Our mission is to attract young people into farming in this area. And our concept is "living together". Our community (Verge Apartments) has this farmer's house surrounded by lush greenery. People who want to learn and enjoy many kinds of farming come to our Farmer's house. They take training for being a farmer and living daily life in this area. We are supporting them, Cleaning rooms, Laundry, Cooking and farming activities, Like as the family. And We have a small blueberry and vegetable farm. And, Our community has several Farms, Camping site, Outdoor activities, Community Radio station, kids programs, charity events, and more At the farm, We would be ready to get our hands super dirty and get sweaty like crazy! (Especially, from April to November) We are working hard with a lot of fun! Let's Get super dirty and Get sweaty like crazy!!!! with us. We need strong guys. Be strong, Be muscular. *Learn about agriculture * Make new friends & world travel contacts with emphasis on cultural exchange! * Cultivate a spirit of mutual support * Improve social skills! * Learn / improve Japanese languages always spoken here by native * Enjoy an exciting and unique lifestyle very different from the normal thing at home! Opportunities for outdoor recreation, hiking, kayaking, swimming, SUP and snowboarding in Nasu area by the beautiful Mountain and River (10 minutes away by car). There are lots of birds and wildlife in the area. To Japanese learner We are holding an "English Dope" Japanese-English or other languages cultural exchange party! Come on by to learn more about both languages and cultures, meet new people. Every week. Don't forget We love BBQ!! We love meat!! GO Crazy BE Happy.

Owner's profile Hi! I am Yama. I was born in Fukuoka, Japan. I was majoring in Biology. But after university, I made own my business as a web designer. At the same time, I joined the Army and I was DJ in Netherland. and I was adventure racer (to run and survive about 300km). After that, I lived in Kenya as a teacher of web designing. Now, I am a mountain guide, river guide, and snowboarding instructor. I made new my own farm and Farmer's House to support people who want to be a farmer.

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