Jaguar House Hostel

Conveniently located in down town, our hostel offers clean, safe and generous accommodations. We have both single rooms and dorm rooms. Not only a great place to spend a few nights, but the hostel is also part of a larger community of artists, entrepreneurs, volunteers and ex-pats.

Help us with the reception 5 hours per day! And depending on your skill set we have optional work available in the following areas. Helping us with promotion web/social networking, creative writing, artistic painting/mural creation around the property, accounting skills, cleaning, partner development, graphic design, and more. Our hostel is part of a bigger network that can provide you with an unforgettable experience in the city no matter what your goals are: - City Tourism: Visit the Cristo, Palacio Portales, La Cancha, Museums, etc. - Adventure Tourism: Trekking, rock-climbing, rappelling, rafting, paragliding, etc. - Cultural Activities: Check the events calendar in our webpage - Learning Spanish: Spanish learning programs which fit any budget - Start/improve an entrepreneurial project: Be part of the network to develop your business/social projects On exchange we offer you a very comfy bed in a shared dorm style room in our hostel, breakfast, hot shower, good wifi and a huge kitchen, games, tv room and more. There is a lot to do in Cochabamba, but it hasn't been discovered by the mainstream tourist yet. The green and vibrant city is called the Culinary Capital of Bolivia and has great affordable restaurants with foods from all around the world. There are some really cool bars we'd love to take you to. Cochabambinos take pride in having the best climate and the biggest Christ statue (bigger than Rio!) in the world. We believe together we can make this work!

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