Jimmy Jumps House

Backpacker hostel with a great ambiance and great facilities in the heart of Vilnius, awarded twice on Hostelworld. We prep beds for our guests, cook free fresh waffle for breakfast, provide towels, free wifi, free tea/coffee, and security lockers to our guests, while they can enjoy the balcony, a medieval basement, privacy curtains on beds, electrical outlets in lockers and more.

One has to like a good party to come here. We like to entertain our guests and take them for a tour of the city, including an infamous pub crawl in the historical center. Staff will be treated like family. We bet you'll never want to leave!


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I had a great time in Lithuania, I recommend the experience! I’ve never worked in a hostel before and when I arrived the owner explained everything to me. The tasks I had to do in the hostel were vacuuming, changing beds, mopping, for three hours a day.

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Jimmy Jumps respondido

Thank you and thanks for your help, Andrea! :))



I stayed in this hostel for a month.It was really great.I definitely recommend this hostel.The hostel owners were very kind.Although I sometimes made mistakes, they spoke very nicely.You also have the opportunity to meet very good people.Vilnius is an international city.People are coming from all over the world.That's why you can improve your English well.Have nice trips :)

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Jimmy Jumps respondido

It was good to heave you have you here Tamer!
All the best :)



My experience at Jimmy jumps house was really great! I could rest and at same time enjoy the city and around. The job is pretty easy, couple hour of day cleaning beds and that’s it, the rest it’s just having great conversation with great people from everywhere!
The owners, Indre and Peter, they were super friendly, they were there helping every time I needed!

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Vilnius is really beautiful city and Jimmy Jumps House is the best choice if you wanna explore city, because is located in the middle of old town. You need just everyday do some basic tasks, nothing hard. It will spend about 2-3 hours per day. It’s smaller hostel so there isn’t that much things to do. So I can recommended it:) I really liked a vibe of hostel, unfortunately I needed leave earlier than I expect but I hope I will come back some day:)

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You work 2-3 hours every day. When I arrived they told me there were no days off but after a quick chat with Indre, she was happy to offer me one. The staff are very accommodating and I felt at ease until I met the hostel owner. He asked me to do a task on my first day off, implying I hadn’t done it before in an ironic and disrespectful way. I demanded an apology and he did so but then said I shouldn’t be so sensitive. Gaslighting and being talked down at for no reason is a big no-no for me so I did my last shift and left the next day. Hope he doesn’t get too sensitive about this review!

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Jimmy Jumps respondido

Andrea was supposed to take out the garbage, as per her requirements. She didnt do it) When asked what happened she said she took out 'some' of it ))). So then she was asked to take the rest, and that I (the owner) said I would help her finish.

She said no, that it was 'her day off'

Honestly, why debate someone to finish the job that was supposed to be done the day before. It takes 2 minutes to finish, so the second time I just told her directly to get it done. My tone was no-nonsense direct. Fair enough.

Then I helped her take the trash out, and my manager got a message complaining about my tone.

In the interest of smoothing things over, I went and apologized but I guess I didnt apologize correctly (fml :'D) - I guess it's hard to please people who "demand an apology" for being first asked then having to be told to finish their job. :'D Ah well..

My manager got another message complaining about my apology and also complaining about 'men' in general.

Bottom line is, it's too bad this went the way it did. Andrea's a nice person and we wish her a happy, healthy and bright future.

We havent had problems with volunteers before or since.)) We almost always manage to get staff that vibe with us and the fun crowd at Jimmy Jumps.

So if you are a cool, relaxed happy human come join the team!

(Please, just take the garbage out :'D)

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