Jobreas Junior School

Karibu Tanzania! We are a local primary school from Ilboru, Arusha, that aims to make a change in the education of our children. We have been running the school for 7 years and we are about to have our first promotion and we are very happy about it. The school has 160 children for now but we expect to welcome a lot more. Therefore, we would really appreciate if you would want to help us with the development of the school. This is a unique project because you will have the opportunity to experience the Tanzanian life with us, a local family that wants a better education for the community and therefore decided to build our own school. We would love if you could assist class with any subject that you feel comfortable with English, Geography, Science, Mathematics, Personal Development, Civics, Sports and even Kiswahili. You can be a great inspiration to them. Show them that when they grow up they can also be Scientific, pilots, entrepreneurs, and musicians. But we also want you to share with them your passions and plan afterschool activities for the children that remain in the boarding. Everything is welcomed, sports, music, handcrafts, theater… basically, inspire the children by sharing your passion with them.

Join this project. Be the change you want to see in this world. We guarantee you that you will easily be filled up with joy from all the love and caring for the children and they will, therefore, leave a lifetime footprint in your heart. As we said, any help is welcomed. But it all boils down to: - Teaching - Assisting the school and boarding school - Planning activities with the children - Sharing your passion - Developing the education and therefore the comunity In terms of accommodation, we have different options. You can either stay at our home, which is also the boarding that hosts 40 students, or you can have a more private room next to the school. Food wise you can choose either to cook yourself or to be one more in the big family.

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