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Dear work and stayer, Jorplace Beach Hostel is a colourful hostel, in Scheveningen (The Hague). Our hostel is located close to the beach (5 min walking), and the centre is 10 min by tram. During our high season from April till September you will find a lot of things going on in The Hague. In our low season our hostel is a perfect place to chill in your free time. We have a fire place to enjoy the cold days. In summer you can can spend good time in our garden.

We have a hard working permanent team (3+), a lovely fat cat and 1 - 4 work and stayers. Our hostel has 25 rooms, 3 floors and 176 beds. Come to join our team and explore Jorplace by yourself!


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I am grateful to the Jorplace team for the experience, especially Kátia, Michele and Dan. The hostel has a good structure and location. thank you jorplace team, hope to see you again

hace 3 meses



Lo mejor de mi estadía en Jorplace fueron mis compañeros Worldpacker, vivimos días felices, nostálgicos, de preocupación y de apoyo; me encanto interactuar con diferentes culturas y conocer otras perspectivas... siendo tan diferentes nos reconocimos en las mismas preocupaciones, sueños y la intención de aprender y disfrutar.

El propietario fue amable, pero le falto tacto en manejar las cosas al final y diría que es muy importante que en el futuro tenga presente el concepto de GANA-GANA, donde todos nos vemos beneficiados, es decir que el favor va en las dos direcciones.

hace 6 meses



Katja and Maika are very cool giving a warm welcome since my arrival.
Also all the staff and other volunteers, especially Prince... thanks.
The hostel has a cozy lounge, music playing, snooker and professional kitchen where you can prepare your meals, the market is few doors beside.
The street are plenty of restaurants, bars and facilities, hostel is located close to the beach.

hace 8 meses



Best team! Really cool manegers. Felt welcomed from the first day!! Made friends for life there. I will never forget this experience. Thank you so much for everything Jorplace (:

hace 8 meses

Jorplace respondido

Thanks for the review, Rodrigo! We loved having you here and are all missing you and your great energy dearly. You have been a happy, social, motivated and reliable person throughout your stay and we wish you all the best for your future! We hope to see you around again soon and want you to know that you are always welcome to return!



Worst management I've worked with.
On the first day they were not there and I found out that most of what we've agreed to was not happening.
They surprised me with these and a deposit they've never told me about so naturally I had a lot of questions, asked for a moment of their time and they became angry because of my doubts, suddenly they just became rude to the point of making unnecessary comments about my clothes 🤷‍♂️
We had agreed that the first month I was going to be part of the cleaning team and the next month a bartender. There wasn't even enough food for us, and many other bad things

hace 9 meses

Jorplace respondido

Dear Raphael,
You were welcomed by our staff, who were very nice to you and invited you for a party. You chose to stay in and distanced yourself from the group.
You were not as pro active as we hoped and after one day you already asked for the bar/kitchen position after we agreed on a month of housekeeping first.
We did not say anything about your clothes, we only said that at the moment we did not found you representative for the bar. There was room for improvement but you did not wanted to be as flexible as you said your were.
You also continuously changed your dates and was very unclear in your messaging.
I thought we left on good terms by agreeing we were not a match, but unfortunately you could not let it go.
Good luck in the future.

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