Jungla del Jaguar

Located on 130 acres of primary rainforest and surrounded by 6 beaches we are boardering Corcovado National Park termed as "the biologically most intense place on earth"- natgeo Our place is ideal for those looking to interact with nature as well as like to be friendly and outgoing. There is no road access to us. The only way to arrive is by boat, hiking or helicopter. Volunteers should be well prepared for a rugged outdoor environment.

Since we are it a very remote area obtaining food can be very difficult. All of our food and materials arrive by boat to our location. For this reason we have an onsite cook that prepares 3 meals per day for the volunteers as part of our volunteer food program. Our volunteers work in exchange for free accomodation. Since we are in such a remote location we put our volunteers on a food program so that they don't have to buy and cook their own food. Below our the conditions of our volunteer program.  

 1.) There is a minimum of 3 weeks volunteer commitment.  2.) There is a $15/day food contribution, 3 meals per day cooked for you 3.) There will be a high volume of volunteers and guests so sleeping arrangements may be switched around We have snorkeling gear, boogie boards, kayaks and rubber boots that we loan to our volunteers. We take our volunteers on free tours to numerous locations in the surrounding area so they can take full advantage of our jungle paradise.

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My experience at Jungla Del Jaguar was one that I will never forget! The property is located in the jungle on the coast and although I worked there it didn't feel like it. Tasks varied and were not overwhelming. I especially enjoyed learning how to make coconut oil. After work I spent my days swimming in the ocean, walking the many free, breathtaking trails, practicing yoga and hanging out with the wonderful staff. Charlotte and Kurt were amazing to work with and get to know, I'm already missing Charlotte's great meals :) I told them I would be back again and I have every intention of doing so

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Leo was a wonderful host, and there were a lot of different jobs to do. The hostel really is in the middle of the jungle, and it’s beautiful. Also the staff was great! I made a lot of good friends there. Knowing some Spanish is a definite plus. I would recommend this hostel, the work and the beautiful location any time! I cannot wait to return! Pura Vida xo

10 meses atrás


The place is just incredible, in the middle of the jungle and with lots of wild animals. You can participate in the tours with guests and see the real life of local people here :) If you want to cook on your own you have to take food with you because the nearest shop is in Drake Bay and its 1 hour by boat and its not so cheap :) One thing was not good: the deal with working hours was not clear from the beggining and everybody was saying different things to do and the organisation was not good. but still its a part of adaptation to the style of living. I miss already all the people there!

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not so fun

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El lugar es espectacular!Lejos de los lugares más bonitos, cascadas a minutos de caminata, y la vida de la selva pasando frente a tu ventana todos los dias. Hay que tener en cuenta que es un lugar muy remoto por lo que no tienes donde comprar cosas cerca. Se hace en general un muy buen grupo entre todos los que están ahí, trabajadores voluntarios y los anfitriones.
Lo único que no es buenísimo es la organización ya que hay veces en las que no tienes idea que va a ir pasando durante los días.
Fuera de eso es una experiencia muy recomendable si te quieres desconectar y conocer algo distinto

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