Jungle House

Volunteering at Jungle House is an enticing opportunity for travelers seeking a unique experience. Nestled in the vibrant Triana district, the hostel's lush garden and creative atmosphere make it an inspiring place to volunteer. Engage in exciting adventures, connect with like-minded travelers, and create unforgettable memories. As a volunteer, you'll be part of a friendly team dedicated to creating lasting connections among travelers through social events like yoga and surf classes and family dinners. At Jungle House, you're not just a volunteer; you're an essential part of our dynamic community.

The Jungle House team is a group of passionate individuals dedicated to creating a welcoming environment. Our team, led by a dedicated manager, provides comprehensive training, and our organized approach with written guides ensures a smooth and rewarding volunteer experience. Our manager is always available to provide guidance, answer questions and to maintain a close-knit and organized team. Volunteers can expect a warm and supportive atmosphere. You'll be treated as an integral part of the team, valued for your contributions to the hostel's creative vibe. At Jungle House, we aim to foster a sense of community where everyone is encouraged to share their ideas and experiences, ensuring a fulfilling volunteer experience.


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Fue muy lindo, estuve un mes entero y me encanto el ambiente y su gente!! Mucho trabajo en equipo.

hace 2 meses



I was part of the apartments team. The work was manageable and the hours fair, so I had enough free time to explore Gran Canaria. The managers were always open and flexible and tried to make it a good experience for the volunteers. There are some organizational things, which could be improved (for example that the schedule for the next week usually only gets published on Sunday evening makes it a bit hard for planning). All in all, I had a good time here and can recommend coming here :)

hace 4 meses



I spent an amazing month in sunny Gran Canaria & would definitely recommend this experience as I got to see the entire island during my stay, get into surfing and most importantly make friends for life!🫶🏼🌊

However the hostel itself could definitely be improved in a few areas. The work itself is definitely manageable but not to be underestimated as some shifts were quite stressful. Otherwise, the organisation needs to be improved as we weren't always able to reach the managers when we had to.

Nevertheless I'd 100% recommend taking this opportunity to experience the canarian island life! 🌞

hace 6 meses



I would not recommend it as an experience, the place is run only by volunteers and is very unorganized.
Things promised were not respected, some tasks were not among those agreed and since I was traveling in pairs we were not given free time together.
In my opinion, the workload was too much compared to what they offer, that is, a bed in a dormitory and no food.

hace 7 meses



The experience was okay for me but only because of the people I met there. I came as a couple with my friend and we both were in the hostel team. The only people working there are volunteers, they don't have normal staff. The volunteers run the whole hostel, they clean apartments outside the hostel and they do construction. In the end we were 2 people in the hostel team always on different shifts, no freetime together. You don't feel safe, there were no locks at the doors, so one night a guy wanted to rob us and we had issues with people stealing food. You work way too much for what you get.

hace 7 meses

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