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Jungle Jaffa Hostel is the first Israel community hostel for a better travelling experience in terms of inner and outer journey. We truly believe that sharing common experiences is a world changing act - living together, maintaining home, participating and initiating bonding wall-breaking activities, creating and expanding our belief systems by connecting with each other in being and doing.
Do you feel like contributing your skills, knowledge, vision, passion and being in exchange for togetherness, creativity and full support? Do you want to get envolved in good projects with local israeli people and new friends from all over the world? Raising energies? Getting high on life? Going deeper within and expressing your authenticity freely?
We search for dreamers, artists, handymen and life engineers, social media and marketing experts, receptionists and cleaners for making the community hostel a better place for travellers and seekers from anywhere.
If you want to volunteer or to be hosted as a guest contact us. We are glad to provide you with accomodations and meals during the whole period of colaboration.
Share your passion along with your action!

We already opened a couple of backpackers hostels so we know what is important and how to manage the team. We are family. and we enjoy working together on the hostel, welcoming guests and just going to the beach.


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loved staying at the jungle! had so much fun, the other volunteers and the staff really made this experience amazing!

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Cher is an incredible and responsible manager! The vibes there are nice and you meet many incredible people. I got exhausted after the shifts, but that was something they told me before arriving, it’s hard work but worth it since you can also take free tours and stay in other hostels of the same owner for free (idk for how long it’d be like that, so ask haha). The tasks are clearly written on a paper, basically everything is written somewhere, but you can also ask others. Tel Aviv is an expensive city and the culture is so different from what I was used to, apparently they also love techno.

hace 9 meses



The experience at Jungle Jaffa was really good, the other volunteers are so friendly and you’ll feel like in a big family, the tasks are easy and you can visit the city, go to the beach and enjoy your free time, Cher is so friendly and cooperative with the shifts and everything that you need, the hostel vibes are incredible and you’ll enjoy your stay there, also you’ll have breakfast and veggie dinner, it’s a good place for experience and visit Tel Aviv.

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Jungle Jaffa has been an amazing experience, we have made so many connections and even extended our stay because of how welcome we felt. Cher the manager is an amazing boss and friend. She is always with a smile on her face looking to help with anything you need. The dinner is good and (stir fry) in particular is my favorite thing ever. I am going to miss everything about this place as it became a home for me and my boyfriend. Thank you jungle Jaffa as I would 100% recommend it for anyone.

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Cher respondido

Our dear and incredible friend. Most say - you surprised us with your soft, caring and warm presence. Such a beautiful soul you are. Always worked hard and gave your heart into everything you do. Anyone who will get to work with you will have an amazing member to their staff.

Wishing you all the best and loving you forever and ever,
Cher Sundary and JJ crew :)



I cant express just in words how much I love this place!

Thanks Cher and Kira for this amazing experience :)

I met a lot of friends, did so many things together and had so much fun.
Cher is always open to talk and flexible, the place is amazing and the facilities are rly nice

Just the best hostel experience Ive ever had

love yall from JJ Family ❤❤❤

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