Kabiria Grace Academy

Grace Academy is a school that was founded to serve vulnerable children and the children of refugee families living in Kenya. The community that welcomes us is Kabiria. Here you can really feel part of a social transformation and all knowledge and goodwill will be very useful for our children and staff. Close to the center of Nairobi and with easy access to supermarkets, shops, bank and all the services you may need in your state. We have chosen a special place to accommodate our volunteers where they can interact with the children of the orphanage and have access to the basketball court and local craft shops. Be part of the community and live a real Kenyan routine for a few days :)

You will be welcomed and very well looked after by our dear Jacob. Founder and director of the school, with an incredible story of overcoming and a giant heart, he receives all the volunteers with much respect and attention. All the teachers and staff at the school are very gracious and grateful for the presence of the volunteers.

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