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We are a community social enterprise in a tiny beautiful local village in Chiang Mai, Thailand: We are a community of local Thai people living near the town of San Pa Tong, about an hour's journey southwest of the city of Chiang Mai. We are a quiet area, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Our community/guest residence brings together local crafts and crafts people and international guests and volunteers. If you are looking for authentic Thai culture and a rejuvenating time in nature, San Pa Tong is a perfect place to be! We are situated among beautiful greenery and near to local organic farms, peaceful monasteries, and have close access to mountains and hiking. Local community support: Our Thai culture Homestay community provides a place of employment to numerous handicraft masters . When you choose to come to us you are supporting them, as well as a local community, a local charity, as well as you are helping to keep the handicrafts tradition alive. The place allows you to deeply connect with the Thai local culture in a natural and relaxing environment. We welcome everyone to come and join our community in this mountainous province in northern Thailand. In your free time, you can pay to participate in woodcarving, cooking classes, learn meditation, massages, visit an elephant camp, muay thai boxing, and yoga class. Natural and Relaxing environment: You can enjoy cycling, exploring, reading, cooking ,and other activities. In our open space you have access to meditation and yoga areas as well as a beautiful relaxing garden. We are looking for relaxed and friendly volunteers to be part of our team :)

The Community social enterprise in Sanpatong has founded the project for supporting the local culture and developing the English skills of local students inside and outside the classroom. Our aim is to encourage the local students to be able to communicate in English. This Project gives tourist as well as Thais the opportunity to get in touch with northern Thai culture and way of living. Fundamentally, this project helps to sustain the traditional northern Thai handicrafts. As we are a comunity social enterprise,we need fund to develop our projects. This is one of the project so we require a project fee from our volunteers to help cover the costs involved with providing quality international volunteer project, i.e. volunteer housing, few meals per week, stationary supplies for English weekend school and supporting the local craftsman. Why volunteer at our "Open Mind Camp "and "Thai Culture Homestay". Some help we currently require: *️️️️️️️️️️️️*️️️️️️️️️️️️*️️️️️️️️️️️️ WOULD YOU PLEASE... **** *** Bring anything you can spare to help with teaching English or playing games; drawing and crafting materials, white board markers, toys, games, music equipment, electronic devices, notepads,used laptop, exercise books, etc. *** *️️️️️️*️️️️️️*️️️️️️ We will renovate one of our houses into .....A LIBRARY .....for local people especially for kids. So if you can bring books for children (3-15 yo.)..please do it. Thank you in advance. *️️️️️️*️️️️️️*️️️️️️*️️️️️️ *️️️️️️️️️️️️*️️️️️️️️️️️️*️️️️️️️️️️️️*️️️️️️️️ Most importantly, come with ideas for teaching and playing! We welcome volunteers who have a willingness to help out. No experience is required but do let us know your skills 1. We need a SOCIAL MEADIA expert to help manage our FB and Instagram pages, youtube chanel update it with nice photos during your stay here and also to expand/good review our social media presence and personality on workaway page, TripAdvisor page. We need a person with some knowledge in marketing/tourism management to come up with good ideas to help to promote us. 2. A good GRAPHIC DESIGNER that can help up with some brochures and banner designing. 3. WE NEED SOMEBODY WITH EXPERIENCE TO HELP US WITH our WEBSITE 4.EASY ENGLISH conversation+ PLAY games at a local school with kids between 6-17 y.o. during weekdays, following follow the public holidays calendar at schools. Also, during the weekend we have classes for kids 3-15 y.o. and sometimes to adults during the week/weekend. . Other DAILY Activities usually involve an afternoon general cleaning session: cleaning volunteer's restrooms, sweeping and raking fallen leaves in the garden, as well as cleaning and tidying up the house area, or other helpful activity. And that's probably about it! Accommodation: Our volunteer area can house 8 volunteers between 2 rooms. The rooms are located upstairs and are connected to a spacious deck. Below, we have 4 bathrooms with showers. Volunteers will each receive a bed, bedding, fan and mosquito net, and share the room with other volunteers. Foods will be provided by occasion,most of all on weekends. We also provide an equipped kitchen for cooking your own meals. Also, there is a local small market nearby where you can buy food every morning.


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Hermosa experiencia! El tiempo se detuvo en Kad Sala y pude sentir lo que es vivir un lugar como local. Ir al mercadito a la mañana, perderme en bicicleta en las plantaciones de arroz y compartir con los niños hicieron una experiencia distinta.

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It was an amazing experience. Living far away from the city, enjoying nature and also having the chance to teach English to beautiful Thai CHildren. They are amazing hosts and I am missing them already :) I will totally recommend this work away.

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Ha sido una buena y bonita experiencia. Los anfitriones han sido muy amables y cercanos. Han atendido todas nuestras preguntas y peticiones. Nos han invitado a alguna celebración para conocer mejor su cultura. Son pocas horas de trabajo al día y la convivencia con otros voluntarios ha sido muy buena.
Gracias por todo!
Lucia y Berta

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Pantila y Nan son muy amables, y el lugar esta ok pero no es lo que yo particularmente esperaba. Las tareas diarias consisten en 2 turnos de clases, depende de la cantidad de alumnos y voluntarios si enseñas o no. No hay un plan así que queda en tu voluntad e imaginación que enseñarle a cada grupo. Después se limpia o ayuda con la huerta (trabajo fuerte sin herramientas) . Un día se reparten flyers en feria de comida..Considerar: hay un pequeño mercado a 5 minutos y después uno un poco mas grande a 15/20 min en bicicleta. Tal vez no era mi momento para visitar ese lugar. Vale la experiencia.

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