Kamping Kromidovo

We take recycling seriously and encourage our guests and volunteers to do the same. we also try to be as environmentally friendly as possible both in terms of how we run our campsite and our everyday lives

We are laid back and casual, as well as interacting with guests and always trying to ensure they have a good stay. We would hope you do the same

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I loved my time at camping Kromidovo! The work was easy and enjoyable. Most days I walked the dogs with John or Sara in the morning and did some gardening and/or cleaning after. John and Sara are lovely, kind hosts.

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I had a great time at Camping Kromidovo! John, Sara, and all the animals are so lovely! The camp is surrounded by beautiful hills and mountains which made walking the dogs my favourite part of the day! The tasks are straightforward and not too demanding. I also had plenty of time to explore the surrounding area once done for the day. John and Sara are also very generous and offered to drive me to some of the nearby towns :)

hace 8 días



Me and my brother had an amazing time at Kromidovo camping. We learned how to make beer and meet other travelers. I really enjoyed walking the dogs with John every morning and learn about whatever we were doing in the day. Loved the experience!

hace 22 días



Volunteering with Sara and John was fantastic. They are always a joy to be around with and it was a pleasure working with them in the camping site. During our stay the work ranged from walking the dogs most mornings, painting some signs, making beer, helping them build a summer kitchen and a few other things. I learned a lot from them along the way and can highly recommend this placement.

hace 1 mes

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Sara and John are wonderful hosts, very relaxed and great company. The campsite is situated in a beautiful part of Bulgaria, surrounded by mountain ranges which we got to experience most mornings whilst walking the dogs. It’s been rewarding and fun learning new skills, making beer and helping to build a summer kitchen using some reclaimed materials. I’ve absolutely loved it here and couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

hace 1 mes

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