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*****COVID note: I am 68 years old, so I’m going to try to be very, very careful re: infection. I need people who are vaccinated. No ifs, ands or buts.****** Anyone who loves animals and living in a rural environment will love my place. It's just me and my animals on five acres, and workers can know any help they give will be totally appreciated. The work is easy and there's lots of time for relaxation. I am almost recovered from both a broken leg and hip (I'm currently using a walking stick and walk slowly) so I may ask you to do a few things to help me out. (Cleaning, laundry.) But nothing hard. And almost everyone falls in love with my animals when they get here. But unfortunately, I cannot have any dogs (neither I nor my critters get along with canines) so if you're traveling with one, please don't apply.

I guess the best way to put it is like family. I've been doing this for a number of years now, and have people who would come back in a heartbeat (Covid and visas permitting.) We like to have a good time; I'm very knowledgable of what there is to see and do in the area; and I love playing tour guide.

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As this was my first experience of this sort, I probably wasn’t as prepared as others who travel in this style. I went for a spiritual experience, in order to connect with the universe as well as the earth, and was able to find just what I came for. However, while Karen is very kind and made me feel comfortable and welcome, one should know beforehand that amenities are very limited, (except Wi-Fi and hot water!) and her property requires quite a bit of attention and cleaning. Be prepared to fall in love with all of her animals!

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Karen respondido

And sometimes not even the water if we accidentally heave the hose on and run the tank dry :-(
But yes, this is a very dusty, dirty environment that's been mistreated for quite a while, so if you're not prepared for desert living and lots of cleanup this might not be for you.

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Karen’s full of good stories from around the world and has a cozy place to escape out in the nice quite prairies of New Mexico! The Work Is nice and at your own pace, a great place to brush up on some technical skills, for example Karen taught me to work with dry wall and paneling during my stay.

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I enjoyed my stay at Karen's, she made it a welcoming and cozy environment. I especially loved hanging out with all of the animals. Roswell is a great place to find alien themed attractions and watch the stars. I'll miss everyone and I'll definitely stay again if I'm in the area.

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Karen, Deborah, and Arthur were all very kind during my experience. I had a great time feeding the llamas, goats, chickens, and ducks. I recommend going in the cooler months but if you do go in the summer make sure to drink lots of water!!

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I had the best time ever. Karen, Deborah and Arthur are kind, with beautiful hearts. Karen is so smart, a really bold woman with lots to teach. Even though I didnt drive to go to town, they made everything possible to always help me with rides. The ranch is so beautiful, I loved the animals, the conversations, the quiet. I consider all of them true friends for life. I was really happy during my time there. The desert is an environment of so much possibilities to learn about sustainable connection to nature, and Roswell is a very interesting place. I recommend visiting the UFO Museum and Arts.

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