Kasbari House

Our coliving/coworking/laundromat in Tamraght, near Taghazout in Morocco offer you a unique and enriching experience for people passionate about surfing and travel.
We offer private rooms and dorms with a unique charm, decorated with passion (with shared bathroom and kitchen). The coliving also includes a coworking space in a wonderful garden which allow people to work while exploring the surrounding area.
You will discover famous surf spots, ideal for surf passionates and beginners. You will enjoy the slow life in Tamraght, surrounded by locals pleasant cafes and restaurants, all under the Moroccan sun.

Our shifts are 5 hours of work, 5 days a week (2 days off). The tasks will be: welcome clients in the laundromat/coworking/coliving, inform them, pay in, help them to use the washing machines, clean the spaces... In exchange, we offer your a bed in the staff room, yoga classes and a lot of good moments (no surf board included).

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The tasks were fair and there was always time to socialise with the guests during the shifts. The rooftop is marvellous, perfect for long evenings and great conversations. I had the opportunity to learn a lot about the culture. Unfortunately, the room for the volunteers was not ideal as it had no windows and quickly became stuffy. Anis is a great host who gave us volunteers a lot of freedom, unfortunately we sometimes had disagreements about how to carry out the tasks, but it all worked out. Personally, I sometimes felt controlled which is not very motivating. Thank you for 4 amazing weeks!

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I stayed at Kasbari for a couple of weeks as a volunteer and absolutely loved it! Tamraght is and amazing chill town, and if you wanna go out ir something g you can always just go to Taghazout. I learned a lot about the local culture and traditions talking with Anis, and connected with a lot of the guests since it's usual for people to stay for an extended period if time. All in all a great experience and would definitely do it again!

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Kasbari was overall a great experience. The work is very straight forward and easy. I love the fact that guests stay for long periods of time because you get to connect with them more. The volunteers were all so lovely and it was like a little family. The town is so relaxed but still so much to do! Yoga classes and meals were a plus as well. Colette and Anis are very accommodating. I would definitely recommend kasbari :)

hace 3 meses



Spending a month volunteering at Kasbari was an enjoyable experience. I was very lucky to have bonded with the other volunteers and have truely made friends for life. The work was not difficult and the shifts make you be able to enjoy the rest of your day. I really enjoyed the yoga sessions on the roof with Colette and will never forget the wonderful and cozy nest. The owner, Anis, has a unique approach, ensuring everything runs just so. There are also dinners run on Wednesday (pot luck) and Sunday (traditional Moroccan). I truely had a memorable stay at Kasbari.

hace 3 meses



I spent almost 2 months at Kasbari House and I really had a good time here. The thing I liked the most was the fact that the guests usually spend one or two months living in the house so I got the possibility to know amazing people and have a good time together. The shifts were well organized and the daily tasks not difficult. Ping pong games, cozy nights in the nest on the upper terrace, traditional marrocain dinners and nice moments at Kasbari. Anis and Colette are always ready to help you and they are lovely people. I will miss this place! I will be back in Tamraght one day. Thank you :)

hace 4 meses

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