Kaza Rio

People makes the difference of course, but our location is a unique experience! We are located in a non touristic area very central and safe. The visitor have a chance to experience Rio as it really is! We work as team and need someone to be part of it!

We are like a big family and you can expect to be treated like a member of our family ! We care of each other and respect is a must. We have 6 people in our staff today and the family is getting bigger.

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Limpieza Administración Recepción Bartending

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Aaah!! Gracias gente de Kaza Rio! a Paula, su dueña, a Luisa, que junto con Cami y Bárbara, me tuvieron la paciencia para explicar todas las cosas. Gracias Lane, por la compañia. Gracias Gringo! Por tu presencia felina!
Al resto de los staff, a Paulo y a los huėspedes que conocí!
Me fui llena!!!
Fue lindo sentir que, por 1 mes, Kaza Rio fue mi casa!
Me gustó todo:
El trabajo en la recepción.
La energia tranquila del hostel.
La gente que conocí.
La distribución de los horarios.
Altamente recomiendo!!!
Hermosa experiencia en Estácio...
Gracias Kaza Rio: volverė!

5 meses atrás


Muy buena experiencia

5 meses atrás

Estados Unidos

Unfortunately, I had a short stay, however it was a great atmosphere and fun memories!

más de 1 año atrás


The experience was really good! I learnt a lot, i enjoyed a wonderful city and i made a lot of friends! I would recommend go to Kaza Rio!

más de 1 año atrás

Espirito Santo

It was my first experience as worldpacker, and I learned a lot from the opportunity given to me, to be able to live a month in Kaza Rio.
The people I met will always have a special place in my heart and in my memory. I enjoyed every moment and every thing that was taught to me I'm very grateful!
The work schedule was very quiet for me, I had free days and only worked in the late afternoon, so I could do many things during the day.The work is very quiet, simple and contact with people is something that enchants me forever!
And working listening to music, how could complain?

casi 2 años atrás

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