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They would like to learn natural sustainable ways of living ,with animals, in peaceful surroundings, eat and learn to use good wholesome food, help to invent and discuss interesting new methods of working with Nature. They will interact with us friendly Scottish people, and our beautiful countryside.

We have breakfast and lunch together, and the big kitchen is given over to the young ones to use as a communal area and chill out in the evenings. The volunteers are very interesting people and treated as such and the conversation at mealtimes is warm and lively. Several ex-volunteers have settled in Scotland and often return to the farm to help with projects, creating a very good atmosphere.


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Unfortunately I had to leave after 3 nights. Echo was lovely, and I enjoyed the farm work, but the living conditions weren't very good at the time of my stay. The hut I was given to sleep in was mouldy, as well as some of the bedding. The hot water wasn't working well and the kitchen sink was having problems so I had to wash our dishes in the sink. There were also concerns about a rat infestation. I think if these problems were fixed the farm would have been a nice stay.

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My stay at Kennels Cottage was truly a treat! Mary is a great host, who treats you like one of her own children! Very loving, comforting and always with a great story in her backhand at lunchtime! I enjoyed my stay very much, learned a lot about nature, organic growing, working with animals and to get in touch with the beauty of scotland! The work can get demanding and a little bit muddy, but that's what working on a farm is all about, isn't it? 😊
I can recommend her farm without hesitation and would love for you guys to experience, what I was able to experience!

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They made my stay happy and l had a lovely time

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Kennels Cottage is a wonderful experience. I was there just over a month, tending goats, gardening with Echo, and feeding the cats and ducks in the evenings. Altogether the work is varied and interesting and deeply rewarding. Echo has a great deal of experience in life and farming to impart to her volunteers, and throughout my stay she was gracious and accommodating. It is a model farm of its kind, despite the pandemic and its challenges, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. My warmest regards to you both, Echo and Albert. Thank you again!

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Thierry proved to be a great volunteer: generous with his time, thoughtful towards others and kind to the animals. He came warmly recommended by a previous host and we were not disappointed. He carefully and honourably carried out all his promised tasks and then, several times a week as an extra, enthusiastically joined in the work other people were doing with me, adding strength, hard graft and interest which added to everyone's enjoyment. I could trust him with the animals requirements and to keep to the times he said.Everyone here liked him and we would welcome him back here any time.

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