KGARI means Paradise in the local language. This property is very relaxing and quiet. The home is rather unique and interesting for those who appreciate eclectic things. It’s a great place to unwind from the hustle of larger towns and city’s. It’s your holiday so I do my best to make it fun and flexible for my guests.

It is just me and my elderly dog Lil. I ran Whitsunday Tours for over 10 years teaching people about the area, survival techniques, Bush foods and local history. I am also qualified in landscaping, motor mechanics, upholstery and antique restoration. I am very flexible with work and try to vary the jobs to make it both fun and educational. The work is varied from general cleaning, landscaping/ gardening, painting and creating new things. I love to teach new things to people who are interested. I am also interested in learning from you. So other skills you may have I’m always interested in. For example, yoga, reiki, singing, art, computers, cooking and more.

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