Please only apply for this position if you have a lot of experience handling horses. I don't smoke and unfortunately wouldn't want a smoker. The farm is in a quiet rural area so if you don't enjoy quiet then you won't like it here. i also have a few sheep and 2 cats. I practice Natural Horsemanship techniques. Most sports and activities are accessible locally so there's plenty to keep you occupied.

If you are willing to help you will need to be very experienced around horses as the horses are racehorses and they can be unpredictable and are very powerful. In return the horses give you lots of pleasure. I also usually have a horse in full-time training so you will be able to visit the training facility and come to the races when it is running. I cannot however offer you horse riding on the farm as I don't ride the horses. The farm is about 4.5 miles from the town of Carrickmacross which has a great bus service to Dublin. Whatever places you'd like to visit I will help you get there and any hobbies or pastimes you enjoy I will encourage.


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BUENISIMO! Ronald laughed a lot with that word. What can I say, love the experience, was what I imagined and even better. Thanks Ronald for the opportunity. Tasks: Simple, but you have to be very responsible. These are racehorses, so it is important to have experience with animals and preferably horses. It is not to go riding; It is to learn about their behavior, how to feed them, see the care you have to have, learn about every detail you can around them. Ronald always willing to explain and teach. He is super nice, He knows a lot about everything, so chatting with him is the best.




An incredible experience.
Ronald is a good and attentive person. He helped me improve my English. I am very grateful.
I recommend it




Muy buena experiencia, buenas instalaciones.
Muy contento


Perfecto para ti si estás buscando

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