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My husband & I have a lot of experience hosting volunteers over the past 5 years so we know what is involved and the commitment required at out end to ensure a happy time for our helpers. If you like the countryside with peace & quiet then this is the place for you. You will learn a lot about growing vegetables & fruit and about how a tourism enterprise (our B&B) works. You will have the chance to meet people from all over the world if you choose to interact with our guests.

We like to host 2 volunteers who are 2 friends or a couple and our accommodation suits this arrangement also. It is a bit quiet here in the middle of the countryside and it is good for volunteers to have some company. Volunteers have their own little house. We provide almost everything that you need during your stay including food, heat etc. You will prepare & eat your breakfast & light lunch in your house and then we all eat the main meal of the day, dinner, together in the evening. We like volunteers to help us 5 days each week, around 30 -35 hours, and then you can take 2 days off or combine your days off & take a few days break instead. We are quite flexible. It helps to have a car but not essential as there is a good bus service from our village. Sometimes I need help in the B&B and other times Kevin needs help in the garden so we need you to be flexible too. This is a beautiful part of Ireland with mountains and rivers around us so come & see for yourself.

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Muy buena experiencia con Ber y Kevin, básicamente trabajé en el huerto y me dieron muchas facilidades para organizarme como quisiera los días libres. También me invitaron a participar en varias actividades de senderismo. La casa está situada en el campo, en un sitio muy tranquilo y desconectado a unos quince minutos en bicicleta de un pequeño pueblo.

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