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We are a multi award winning hostel located in Galway city on the west coast of Ireland. A small city with an amazing nightlife. We have many different positions. Housekeeping, maintenance, leading social activities.

We two hostels in Galway so we have many volunteers and staff members. Many have become staff members after volunteering and decided to stay in Galway.


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We went as a couple to Kinlay Hostel. It was our first volunteering experience. The establishment is very well equipped and clean. Working hours are balanced and well organized. the schedule is given two days before the previous week. The schedule leaves a lot of free time to visit the country. There is a very good atmosphere in the hotel, young, dynamic and conducive to meetings.

However when we went there was a lot of French and Spanish so if you want to improve your English it is to be taken into account.

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This was my first volunteering experience and it has been great. The hours are respected and the work was doable. I wished there was more of a diverse distribution of shifts among the volunteers but even the cleaning shifts were reasonable. The hostels have high hygiene standards so generally everywhere is already very clean. There is also flexibility to change shifts and communicate with management. In conclusion, I would totally recommend it as the atmosphere is very familial and you can easily meet people.

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I absolutely loved my trip to Galway. Kinlay Hostel is a wonderful place to meet a ton of international students and make lifelong friends. The work was straight forward and completely reasonable for accommodations. There were a few issues with staff/management on how some issues are handled. If you make a mistake it’s often harsh management/consequences with little communication. Up to the last week of volunteering I didnt run into any issues at all though. I still definitely recommend this hostel.

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it was amazing, i had so much fun, i met a lot of incredible people and the manager was very comprensive and funny!
i loved that place, i would love to repeat it 😍😍😍

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My experience in Kinlay was great🥰, it couldn't be better, work is easy, you have a lot of free time, I think it's the only hostel where I've been able to make a lot of impressive friends, there is a very good atmosphere, a lot of life and the city is great, fully recommended

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