A hands-on school for aspiring farmers and conservationists to gain skills and knowledge in ecological and regenerative land management. One of the most beautiful places in Estonia.

The work is not physically demanding e.g. pasture moves, setting up fences and data collection for scientists. You will learn about soil, pasture, livestock and fencing, rotational grazing and grazing charts, how to preserve and increase biodiversity, food production, direct marketing and business planning. Upon request you can also learn artisanal butchery and permaculture.

We offer many work and business opportunities on our farm for passionate volunteers and interns. We also collaborate with other sustainable farms in Scandinavia to help our interns find good-quality well-paying jobs, further internships or opportunities to start your own farm.

Koivakonnu - in the south Estonian indigenous language - refers to the flood-meadows of the river Koiva that traverses the protected nature area where we’ve been practising regenerative agriculture and forestry for over 20 years. We raise grass-fed grass-finished Hereford beef cattle (we have 300-400 animals in total, depending on season) on 1000-hectares of heritage floodplain meadows and woodland that host many rare species of plants, insects and animals. We also grow shiitake mushrooms, heirloom pumpkins and produce gourmet food products. We also have a small herd of draught horses whom we use for low-impact management of our forests. Volunteers receive full room and board. All of our food is organic - vegetables from permaculture garden and über-quality dry-aged beef from our on-farm butchery. Volunteers stay in a private two-bedroom, warm, sunny and spacious apartment which is equipped with a kitchen, bathroom and an office with high-speed internet.


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The place brims with life and nature letting you enjoy the most beautiful sunsets. This farm carries out an essential task of land conservation, improving the fertility and quality of the soil with the cattles, and ensuring the life of protected species. Everyone I meet was helpful, open and welcoming. There are always things to polish but they are caring, attentive and always willing to improve. In conclusion, a very enriching experience. Im very glad I choose it and had the good fortune to get to know this farm and the people there. Thank you again Koivakonnu for making my stay so pleasant.

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I had a great time at Koivakonnu! If you're looking for parties, city trips or meeting lots of people this is probably not the right place for you. But if you want to know the local culture and like spending time in the nature and with cows then I guarantee you will have a great time. The working hours and times were different every day so you should be open to work spontaneously but it was never hard work. The food you get on another farm and the people there are very friendly and inviting. All in all a really nice place in the countryside of Estonia. Would recommend :)

hace 11 meses

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