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I have a unique container share house with 9 private rooms, 3 shared bath/toilet rooms and one shared kitchen where our voluntary helpers and some foreign tenants live. I am looking for some helpers to maintain, cleaning the shared bath/toilets, kitchen and corridor and outside trash area, for this share house. Each one can work 2 hours a day, 5 days a week. a room shared with 2 to 4 helpers with same gender.

My name is Kazumi Ogawa, 67 years old male, lived and worked in Los Angeles for 32 years, came back to Tokyo 5 years ago, taking care of my elderly mother and father`s business. I am a member of the intercultural committee in the city of Komae, Tokyo, letting many young foreigners to live like ordinary Japanese. The city of Komae is a quiet suburb of big Tokyo metropolitan, 30 min. from Shinjuku, Shibuya and 40 min. from the Tokyo JR Station.


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Had a nice time at Komae House! I was told that unfortunately due to Covid it was not as lively as it usually is but i met some wonderful people that i would consider lifelong friends. I would return to this work away if I'm ever in the area again. Thanks Komae House

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The time in Komae house was so great, I made a lot of friends there and I miss them already. The place is very chill, it's awesome that there is the Wai Wai Lounge where you can just hangout and play piano and ukulele😏. Work was easy and quick and Komae is only 20 mins away from Shinjuku, so it's very convenient!
Also there are many konbinis and cheap food shops around Komae House and the supermarkets are maybe 5 mins away by foot, so it's very easy to go get food and ingredients when you are hungry:)

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This was one of the most interesting experience of my life! Even if it's in Tokyo, Komae is a small and quite city, yet it has all you need. Kaz is a funny and interesting person, yet kind and helpful, he always has something to share with his guests and it’s really nice being around him.
Wai wai lounge is a special place, you can meet locals and learn about various cultures and languages. I managed to improve my Japanese and English and I made a lot of friends (who I'll miss a lot once in Italy).
The tasks are easy and fast, so you have a lot of free time.
Thank you Wai Wai and Kaz!

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I've had a very nice time in Komae House; lovely people in such a lovely place. I think it depends on what kind of experience are you searching, but in this place I found what I was looking for, and I feel really grateful for having the opportunity to enjoy this experience there. I'm coming back for sure in the near future! :)

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