Komae House

I need helpers after Feb., 2024 who can help us for 2 to 3 months.

I have a unique container share house with 9 private rooms, 3 shared bath/toilet rooms and one shared kitchen where our voluntary helpers and some foreign tenants live. I am looking for some helpers to maintain, cleaning the shared bath/toilets, kitchen and corridor and outside trash area, for this share house. Each one can work 2 hours a day, 5 days a week. a room shared with 2 to 4 helpers with same gender so I need to know your gender. I supply rice and pasta. It may be helpful if a helper can stay here 2 to 3 months.

I must have an email confirmation to [email protected] since some people have never showed up and Facebook Messenger account which we use this for our daily communication.

My name is Kazumi Ogawa, 70 years old male, lived and worked in Los Angeles for 35 years, came back to Tokyo 8 years ago, taking care of my elderly mother and father`s business. I am a member of the intercultural committee in the city of Komae, Tokyo, letting many young foreigners to live like ordinary Japanese. The city of Komae is a quiet suburb of big Tokyo metropolitan, 30 min. from Shinjuku, Shibuya and 40 min. from the Tokyo JR Station.

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I enjoyed the stay and and the work was really flexible and left plenty of time to explore Tokyo.
The place I lived in wasn’t shown in the pictures and was more run down than expected. For the showers we had to walk to the other building.
However, the lounge was really nice and a good place to socialise. :)

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Loved it! I met a bunch of cool people, it’s in a nice town, hours we’re flexible, and the community was great :)

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The owner, Kaz, is super nice and understanding of schedule changes! Hedi, the manager, is also welcoming and ready to help anytime. The work is pretty easy so you have lots of free time! Would recommend this place :)

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Amazing volunteering experience.
Lots of people to meet and friendships to be made.
Kind host and manager.
Working hours get respected.
Overall good place to volunteer in Tokyo.

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I had the best time at the komae house, everyone was so friendly and helpful. We went out all together most of the time and Just explored I love every second of it! Definitely recommend going here and I’ll will definitely be going back again 😁

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