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We are a part of the foodie and event scene, and sponser public radio and events for free or at our cost, we have chickens , grow passion fruit , papaya and cherries n spinach Aloha from Hawaii it has come to our attention That the site is listing breakfast , lunch, bikes , massages as included in the stay and this not the case . Breakfast and lunch, bikes, and massage are not included or provided as part of the stay . We do grow papaya , spinach , have some stables like oatmeal and rice, condiments , but these are offered as a courtesy and not included . We are sorry for any inconvenience . Hence we only ask for 2-3 hours a day tent , 3-4 hours a day for dorm room

Respect , graditude is very important , appreciation, adventuring and exploring are themes , while , heavy partying , with loud behavior and heavy drinking , swearing or treating others badly is not where we are at here


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John and Mike were very nice people. John needs help cleaning, his back prevents him from reaching a lot of spots. He is very environmentally conscious and recycles everything, including all the food scraps left from guests as chicken feed, left over beer + half eaten scraps all in a bucket you will be feeding to chickens. I left the night John gave me a pot of frozen chicken soup, "thawed it out and foot and hair rose to the top. The dorm is very unhealthy living quarters. lungs burn in the morning from dust, bed bug bites. other guest was fined $100 for bringing this to his attention.

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a big house overlooking the ocean that sees many visitors from different parts of the world.
duties include cooking and cleaning

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