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It was a good first experience, most of the people there is really nice and I loved to met the volunteers. I think is important for possible volunteers to know that the place is a temple, of course you are not forced to believe the same, they respect if you don't, but you need to live under they rules and sometimes they can seem strange if this is your first aproach to a place like this. Also, sometimes you will not agree with somethings they believe but I think that will always happen with different cultures. The food was good, the job was easy, and the view is so beautiful.

5 meses atrás


Hello to all friends on Krishna Community. It was a great experience on my first time as a volunteer. I did share great moments with very nice friends. I'll remember always.

1 año atrás


Foi uma grande experiência, fui muito bem recebido e o lugar é lindo.
Se quer ter uma experiência nova de vida, esse é o local.

más de 1 año atrás