Every sunset gives us hope for a better next future and everyone else inspires us to fucus, everyone's experience gives us confidence for the next day .. And As we share with everyone one of you , The better our world 🌎 evoluves .

We are adorable children ready to share experiences, cultures,love 💕 and most importantly the beauty in our diversity..

We are so Joy filled with lots of love, energy and caurage to make every caurse meaningful.

We see a great day. Pleased to face life , with alot of ears widely open eagerly waiting to hear , listen and practice and then enjoy together as one .

We smile for every moment and these wonderful moments come when you and us inspire one another, tells a story , works along with us , makes a play with us , do a lesson, makes us jump all these brings us affection and intemacy.

Coming to visit us has lots of power and light 🕯️.

We are the youngest souls with lots of true love 💕 and

We the children at Kyeyindula primary school.

Our time together is super memorable.

Don't miss us .

Peaceful , super helpful and loving, honest and thoughtful with holistic character . We are a school staff willing to work along others for a everyday We work together for the better


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We have fallen in love with this school.
Firstly, the students are at a disadvantage with low resources, and some walk an hour to and from school every day in any weather BUT still have a smile on their face when they greet you. Their is a real grounding feeling here at Kyeindula Primary School.
Secondly, for the main man, Daniel, you and your family are most libeautiful and caring. You are welcoming and most certainly over cater for our needs. Organising every little detail to make us feel welcome and comfortable. Thanks so much for everything you have done for us. Our time here was amazing.

hace 9 meses

Daniel respondido

You such a difference with lots of energy for everyday to keep going , so affectionate with the children that melted everyone else's heart ❤️ , you such a character that every host is looking for and am really very blessed to have worked with you for 14 days .

We will live to remember you and always miss you too the bone .

Thanks for the transformation of our children's minds , They loved every beat of the beautiful classroom lessons you did with them , the ball games we can't say thank you enough for the extra ordinary awesome work you did for our school.

Love you Daniel

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