L.A.L practice English camp

Because you will experience live like a local and taste so many kinds of things that local people do and make. like how to make and how to serve coffee, traditional dance, watching and you can participate as well. hiking to the active volcano (we always check and recheck before hike and make sure that our hiking will be safe and fun) try fresh tea from the tea plantation and feel the fresh air. and many more.

I am a lifeguard for hiking and adventure guide. so I can take every volunteer to hike with me and make sure everything will be good. my crew: ●my hiking crew and mountain ranger ●driver/rider for taking the volunteer around. ●tattoo maker, who made tattoos but the design is from me. you will know more about us when you stay here


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Esta experiência foi interessante mas acho que não fomos ao encontro do pretendido mas continua a ser uma experiência que nunca esquecerei

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Hardi respondido

Terima kasih atas ulasannya.
Semua sudah dijelaskan di dalam pesan pertama dan selalu diulang ketika anda datang.
Jika harapan anda untuk mengajar bahasa Inggris, itu tidak mungkin karena keahlian berbahasa inggris anda terlalu rendah untuk seorang pengajar.
Semoga anda bisa mengambil pengalaman itu sebagai ilmu untuk anda berkembang di masa depan

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We really enjoyed this Worldpackers experience. Our host Hardy and his family were so welcoming and friendly.
Our project was to help with videography and social media to promote Temanggung and give advice on how the region can improve to attract more tourists. We got to see so much of the area and the local culture. It was a pretty full (but flexible) schedule, however not all of it felt like work, it was work mixed with exploring! The accommodation was very local and simple, as you would expect but comfortable and homely. The food was also amazing!

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Hardi and his family were very sweet and welcoming and their food and cultural experience allowed for me to feel like a true local. They helped to teach some Indonesian and it was fun to immerse myself with an entirely new hobby while exploring what Temanggung had to offer.
My only “qualms” with this trip was communication and organization—I wish workdays were more so communicated on in conjunction with days off. If that would have happened, I would have been able to plan more activities on off days.
Thanks again Hardi, Diah, and family!

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My friend and I had such a good experience, I recommend it 100% !
We had the chance to really live like locals, we learned a lot about Java and its culture.
Hardy and his family were great hosts, we felt really welcomed.
About the mission, we had the opportunity to see a lot of things : hidden waterfalls, rice harvest, traditional clothes process,…
Thank you again Hardy, it was really nice to meet you !

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During my time spent in Temanggung, I helped Hardy in his different projects ( tourism promotion, English conversations with the local ). The goal of all of this is to open the beautiful and authentic region of Temanggung to the world.
The best thing is that you will have the opportunity to be fully integrated in his family and in his community, and get to know the real Javanese culture. I had the opportunity to learn about the process of Tobacco, coffee, soja and Tea production.

I’ve had such a unique experience thank you again Hardy !!!

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Hardi respondido

Thank you so much mas Ben...
Thank you for making my people cry in happiness... you are such an amazing person...
Best of luck with everything

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