La Banda Rooftop Hostel

We are a creative, individual hostel with a passion for people and quality. Our aim is to create unique and lasting travel memories based around music, food and our amazing social culture. We are dedicated to good times.

La Banda takes recruitment seriously. Our staff are picked based on their personality, music taste and life interests. We are a diverse group of friends fully integrated in the social life of the hostel, passionate about meeting new people, and showing them “our” Seville.

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The La Banda family are an incredible bunch of caring, compassionate, patient, good natured, fun, friendly and helpful individuals. If you ever gain the privilege/pleasure of joining that is precisely what you shall be joining: a family. Everyone looks out for and encourages each other.
Andrea, Francesca, Chiara, Nico, Federico, Alvaro, and my co-volunteer Dori, forever have my love and respect. If you want to experience a magical city, an enchanting region, and a great group of people, don’t think twice. Just apply! And if you are fortunate enough to be invited in count yourself blessed.

hace 4 días



Mi experiencia en La Banda fue maravillosa, el staff es muy muy amigable! Andrea es una manager muy atenta y preocupada de quienes trabajamos en el hostel, y el staff, Nico, Franci, Fede y Chiara también son muy atentos y simpáticos, fue como tener una segunda familia <3 La buena onda y las good vibes se respiran en todo momento!
Agradezco muchísimo haber tenido la oportunidad de ser voluntaria acá, volvería mil veces porque es un lugar inigualable!!

hace 2 meses



Thank you La Banda for being my first experience at Worldpackers!! It was fantastic, I met a lot of love, a family, wonderful people! I recommend it to anyone! The best hostel where to stay and where to volunteer! 10 out of 10, perfection! gracias guapos🧡

hace 3 meses

La Banda respondido

Roberta is light, art and energy. Proactive, generous, hardworking, you have been able to solve all the situations experienced and you have known how to love this team and this space in the most loving way. One of those people who arrive, you notice, and they mark you for life. Thank you for sharing this little bit of life with us <3



I will feel eternally grateful for this opportunity I had to volunteer in this magic place. I have been wondering since I arrived what makes it so special and it definitely comes from the amazing people who work here and let you be yourself at 100 % thanks to their constant kindness and love. At some point, you just feel like this hostel is your home and the staff your family. That’s why leaving can be so difficult. Trying to describe this unique vibe with words is almost impossible : this is something you have to experience and that you will never forget.

hace 5 meses



This was one of the best experience I've ever had in my life. Being a part of La banda family was a big pleasure and I have no words to describe how amazing volunteering here was. Seville is one of the most vibrant cities in the world and this hostel encloses the sevillan vibe at its best. Enjoying la banda will definetely change your life. Muchas gracias <3

hace 6 meses

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