La Casa Roja Hostel International Backpackers

One of the first and oldest Hostels in Santiago de Chile, La Casa Roja has truly become a home away from home for those looking for an accommodating, familiar and friendly place to stay. Besides its perfect location, the incredible facilities such as great showers, garden oasis with spectacular pool and bar-pool , pool table, indoor bar, large communal kitchen. You'll be truly captivated by the spirit and the communal experience based on people and social interaction because "La Casa Roja all you could want from a hostel and more ...". This is the 'La Casa Roja Hostel' experience.

Are you friendly, fun-loving, planning a extended stay in Chile-Santiago. Thinking you can help make our hostel even better. Our Atmosphere is lovely, and you will always meet people from all around the world. If you would like to spend some, weeks or even more in the best hostel in Santiago de Chile this is the right place. Hostel Volunteering in La Casa Roja As a volunteer you will be involved in several important tasks. Some of these are receiving our guest at the hostel, helping to plan and promote social initiatives within the hostel facilities (including social games, pub nights at the bar, movie nights, etc.) , in the same way organizing activities for our guests. Volunteers may also be needed to help in the kitchen to serve tourists and helping the cleaning staff. We urge volunteers to come with an open mind and their own initiative that help for us..


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I had a great experience at the Casa Roja. Something about that place just makes you feel at home. Work is not too hard and I learned a lot there. Problems do happen like anywhere, but nothing that cannot be fixed. I will always look forward to going back to the Casa Roja :)

9 meses atrás


Awesome experience! All the staff crew and the workers were really kind! The hostel is such an amazing place, really had a good time. The only thing that I didn’t like was that the accomodation that was on the publicity was totally different than the one that the staff crew stayed.

9 meses atrás


They made me part of the family; best experience I have had so far, and amazing place, loved it!!

2 años atrás

Perfecto para ti si estás buscando