Lá Farm

My name is Emily, another name is Emily. I’m a young woman who loves travel, guitar, and connecting people. After traveling some country in Asia: Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar...I think about my country. I hope every kid and young generation in Viet Nam can learn more new things and learn English And we have a herb farm, we are building the fresh herb farm with no chemical I want to create a multi-cultural environment for both volunteers and Vietnamese children. I believe that your contribution will bring many practical benefits to the community and society

Together, we make special things for the future. You'll learn about the herb, how it helps for our health, enjoy a beautiful place, help the children During your stay, we will take you on a tour of the village to show you around, and markets are located. We will be happy to teach you about the local Viet culture. History and many other topics. Here, we can organize activities such as learning Viet cooking, etc. It is very relaxing and peaceful here. We welcome everyone to come and join our community. In your free time, you can participate in cooking, meditation, massages, visit Island, do yoga. These activities are self-directed.

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