La Ferme Le Couy

We don't want to force anyone to do anything. We give you your space and we can certainly learn a lot from each other. We have many different animals, a lot of space and always changing tasks to do, so it won't get boring at Le Couy!

We are very peaceful, nature- and animal-lovers. We don't like violence! Our life is structured through the farm, so we get up and take breaks together. Of course, you can have the weekends free, so you can do what you like. If you have a driver's license and you are a trustworthy driver, you can get a car from us. We also have bikes and bus or train stations are not far away. In the evening we normally eat together and often chat next to the fire, listen to music together or sometimes spend our evenings in privacy.


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Mi experiencia en la granja fue maravillosa, me sentí muy bien recibida, es mi primera experiencia fuera de mi país y la verdad es que la familia es muy acogedora. Las tareas son algo pesadas pero el tiempo se pasa muy rápido, agradezco de corazón a Anousha, Dominik, Robby y todas las lindas personas a las que conocí, es una muy buena y bonita experiencia, no se arrepentirán de vivirla, una ves más muchas gracias por todo.

hace 6 meses



This was a wonderful experience, I really can learn new things of the farm and taste delicious food. Anousha and Dominik are a marvelous couple with a deep compromise with their project and that’s really admirable and at the end you feel inspired by their way of life. The landscape is beautiful and the convivence as well. I really recommended this to the ones who want a pause of the urban life and a breathe of the nature.

hace 7 meses

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