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Estuvimos en La Granja Demostrativa por 62 días. En este tiempo pude estar en contacto con la naturaleza y ayudar a Andrea con la granja. Andrea es una mujer maravillosa, nos trató tan bien en todo momento. Se preocupó siempre por nuestro bienestar. He disfrutado cada día de esos dos meses.

hace 19 días

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We really enjoyed our time at La Granja Demonstrativa; Andrea, the host, is amazing and definitely helped make our experience worthwhile. Pichinde, just an hour outside of Cali, is a wonderful hidden gem of a place with an amazing climate; located in the mountains, it doesn’t get too hot during the day and the nights are delightfully chilly. This is a great experience for those who have a creative spirit, both for working on their own projects as well as helping to improve la granja; new ideas are always welcomed and we appreciated the opportunity to contribute. Thank you Andrea!

hace 22 días

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Andrea is a wonderful host and takes great care of her granja and her animals. A very passionate woman, and will share information with you on plants, and animals. It was also very relaxing and fun to play with the dogs, cats and chickens. I had a very special time there and would recommend it to anyone. My Spanish isn't great, and Andrea was very patient and happy to practice with me!
Oh and Andrea is an excellent cook 😁

hace 4 meses



Mi experiencia en la granja demostrativa fue muy enriquecedora pude aprender diferentes formas de contribuir con el medio ambiente, hicimos siembra, trabajamos bio construcción, Andrea es una persona muy atenta y amable que además cocina delicioso! Lo súper recomiendo.

hace 6 meses



We've been with Andrea for 3 weeks and It's been AMAZING. From the very start she treated us like part of the family.
As professional cooks we mainly helped in the development of the restaurant she's setting up but living in a granja also means getting your hand dirty.
While helping farming and feeding the chicken, Andrea (being Biologist) showed and taught us a lot about local flora and fauna.

hace 7 meses