La Katia Artis Residence

A place to enjoy nature, create and travel.
There are a lot of beaches and places to visit in the area.
sometimes you will find workshops opportunities to learn something
the internet is shared with other people, if you work with heavy data then is not a good option, probably you will work in an open space outside the room so you may encounter mosquitos

The acomodation is in a room with bed, bunk beds or a tent. If you bring a tent is also possible. we can not provide meals at the moment, but we can help with rice and pasta Interaction with people is very random, sometimes you meet other people, living here or guest sometime not. The access to the place is very easy, we live close to a main road.


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Buena experiencia
El lugar es muy lindo y tranquile, mucha naturaleza
Al lado del Río…
Ideal para desconectar un poco
Mucha libertad para trabajar con un acceso al taller de pintura y de madera

hace 3 meses

Perfecto para ti si estás buscando

Contacto con la naturaleza


Contacto con los animales