La Selvatica 50 B&B

La Selvatica is a very relaxing place to stay; we are focus on hospitality lots more than on business. The guests who pay for the room contribute to the bills, other guests contribute with time and helping in doing our things. We use to eat all together and everybody is invited; somebody brings ingredients, somebody cook,somebody prepare the table but the washing machine always do the hardest part!

Hello, I'am Enrico, the owner of La Selvatica. I'm a 40 years old engineer who quite the job and went to live in the countryside. La Selvatica is a big and old countryhouse who was abandoned for three years from my family and I am doing all my best to renovate and make it nice and hospitable. Since 2013 it is a Bed and Breakfast, check below some informations and reviews from the guests;

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As my first time using Worldpackers, I was a little nervous, but right from the first 5 minutes I knew I was going to love it and did I ever! Although there is work to be done, the tasks are easy and, at the end of the day, when you’ve had a beautiful dinner with lovely people (guests, family and friends), it just doesn’t feel like work. Enrico is the nicest and most genuine person. His way of life is very inspiring. There is much to learn from him. I feel so blessed to have had a wonderful 3 weeks at la Selvatica filled with new experiences, new friends, amazing food and memories. Thank you!

2 meses atrás


I hope you are lucky enough to be chosen to experience La Selvatica.
Of Course you will have your daily housekeeping tasks, wich demand care and attention, but between one thing and another you will make wonderful friends, express your gifts and talents through cooking, painting, however you want to contribute. It is like a big stone book, where each one contributes with the history. But one cannot explain it, you have to live it!
Grazie mille Enrico, Antonella, Pablito, Selva e la grande famiglia Selvatica. Já tenho saudade!

3 meses atrás

Estados Unidos

Wow. Incredible opportunity to join La Selvatica community! Enrico is inspiring in his lifestyle & his way of hosting. A lot can be learned about local foods, vino, cooking, culture & a unique approach towards hospitality w/ warmth, love, & creativity ~ as there are many artistic endeavors in the space. With emphasis on equality & sharing ~ many great friends, family, neighbors, and international guests all contribute with cooking, food, assistance, music & laughter. Enrico offers a list of projects & you feel at home at La Selvatica, so it’s a joy to give your energy to the simpatico place.

6 meses atrás


Este lugar es un oasis de tranquilidad dentro del mundo, un lugar 100% recomendado si se busca una buena vida... las tareas son simples, pero se deben hacer con ayuda en todo y se aporta un granito de arena para que cada dia este paraiso sea mejor... Enrico gracias por todo, me senti en casa, tambien comparti momentos bellisimos con todas las personas que llegan dia a dia... tus amigos increibles, Jack, un buen parner, un besote para ti, Patricia y Giovani personas maravillosas... no puedo dejar de mencionar a Lud y Antonella....un abrazo y espero encontrarlos pronto.

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Costa Rica

I wanted to learn and live the italian culture and this place was great, I was very lucky to be with funny and interesting guests, with Enrico and Giaco the communication was fluent and the staying was super nice. Very lucky Enrico's friend, Giaco, was around cause he was very helpful, funny and great cooker. We all had lunch and dinner together, I had great time and definetly will like to come back!

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