La Ville Maupetit

We live in a one of the most beautiful areas of France, in the Brittany region, 10 minutes from stunning beaches. We are fun and easy-going family who loves company, sharing good moments with friends. IMPORTANT: YOU NEED A CAR TO GET AROUND ! And also an intermediate level of French or English

We have always treated our staff as friends and with great respect. Most of them have become friends and even part of the family. You will be able to enjoy all the facilities such as the swimming pool, restful and beautiful garden. We are a music loving family so musicians are always welcome. You will enjoy joyful diners with the family and will try Mum's cooking which is amazing.

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Catherine and Pierre are wonderful people! From the moment I arrived I felt part of the family. I was introduced to friends, every day we had dinner and drinks together, I learned to dance rock and I had a lot of fun! They like to know about new cultures, so it's cool if you want to get involved and have a good time together. The house is wonderful and the place looks like a movie! The job was helping with things from the house, gardening and some adjustments that were necessary, it didn't fell like work, it was nice to do. Catherine and Pierre thanks for everything! I hope to see you soon :)

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la experiencia fue buena, buenas personas, buen ambiente y por momentos divertidos. cómo siempre digo, cada quien tiene una experiencia distinta. gracias Catherine and flia.

hace 3 meses



La Ville Maupetit is an incredible place, Catherine is a super adorable, friendly person and a super host, always open to new ideas and ways of working, her home is big and welcoming. The work is simple and the hours are perfect, I recommend it to anyone who wants to have a good experience in the application.

hace 3 meses



La ville Maupetit is such an amazing place to be.
Catherine has a beautiful house apart away on the countryside surrounded by forrest which make it a peaceful and a chill place to stay.
About her she's a lovely woman who has a lot of patience and is very grateful as his charming family whom I enjoyed to share some time with and also their friends are very nice people 😊
It was a short but a great time.

hace 3 meses

El Salvador


It was my first Workpackers experience. It was really nice. I met nice people and dogs. I spent a good time, had good food and drinks. I am really thankful to Catherine and Pierre for this opportunity.

hace 6 meses

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