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About the NGO: I am the founder and CEO of a non-profit organization registered in Germany. We help to rehome streetdogs and dogs out of shelters in Europe. We use our homepage and social media platforms to find the perfect new home for every single dog. My project is about picking up / helping street dogs on my way, cleaning them and bringing them to a vet for medical treatments and then using social media profiles and the NGO´s homepage to find them new homes. For now I am not planning to have a property for dogs, the idea is to support all the organizations which are already doing their best to help dogs in need. All of this progress will be visible in a photobook and in videos as well.

Hey there! My name is Tobi and together with my two dogs we are the "wolffs.pack". I have traveled to more than 20 countries in the past five years, all together with my Siberiann Husky, Neo (6 years old) using my campervan which I converted myself. I have two dogs now, Maya is a mix, rescued from the streets of Russia, and 4 years old. Ever since I have found the non-profit organization I am using my travel / vanlife / photography - social media profiles to get more attention for the project itself. I am photographer and videographyer and freelancer / digital nomad since I operate full-time in my van. I love dogs and wolves so I devoted myself to helping them. Ask me for my Instagram or Facbeook to get more information about our current location and the route we are driving. UPDATE: I am not on the road right now, I am based in the Algarve in Portugal. I have parked my camper, using it as my base + there is a big container on the land which I am renovating right now. The land is surround by nature and very close to plenty of beaches. I am on the land until May - for the summer time I am on the road , driving through Spain, France up north. And then back again on the land from October 2023 onward until spring 2024. March & April: Portugal April & May: Spain May / June: Spain France Germany June / July: Germany, Denmark August: Sweden September: Germany October: Portugal __ __ __ __ __ __ __


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My volunteer experience was very nice, I really recommend it if you are looking to connect with nature and venture into the van ife. The tasks are easy to do and you have time to explore around Lagoa.

Toby is a very intelligent, responsible, friendly and respectful person. It was an opportunity to learn about German culture and also about his travel experiences.
I couldn't leave without mentioning Maya and Neo, they are beautiful and loving doggies. They really stole my love.

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