Lake Toba Cats Garden

Hello world! My name is Bondan, I'm a housekeeper and cleaning garden in homestay at Lake Toba, with one simple, nothing-to-do room. I would love to invite the volunteers to share their skill, knowledge and experience about taking care of cats - feeding, medicine etc. Especially if you have some special veterinary skill - it's awesome. We have a separate room where volunteers can stay. You can enjoy avocados and passion fruits from the garden. Volunteers are responsible for their own food, there are markets and shops nearby and also you can go to traditional market in Ambarita at Tuesdays and to Tomok at Satudrdays. I can show volunteers around and give tips about the best traditional Indonesian food, we can also cook together sharing recipes and different traditional food. Also I can give an advice to best touristic and natural attractions around. Enjoy life before die - at Samosir island

Lake Toba Cats Garden is a pet-friendly homestay in Tuktuk city in Samosir island which is known of it's variety of natural and cultural attractions.

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