Las Cometas Hostel

Staying in Jericó, goes beyond the imagination. A great experience, learning from the farmers and locals, knowledge in Marketing, Branding and the hospitality industry are a big plus for those open minded and nice travellers. Local contact is key. We do this: -Teach English to locals -Mentor chocolate maker entrepreneur -Develop a coffee brand for the farmers -Help other businesses -recycle and have a sustainable hostel

We are Jessica and Jorge and we have both travelled around the world so we know what volunteers and travellers want. We are a social, laid back couple, who want to help the local community. We like volunteers to get to know the community and get the most out of Jerico by using their skills.

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Guía Turístico Administración Recepción Jardinería

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Trabajo Social Enseñar Idiomas

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Artes Pintura y Decoración Personal de Mantenimiento Jardinería

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Fotografía Producción de Videos Redes Sociales

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