Las Higueras

Vivir en espacios verdes en Finca las Higueras en Veracruz Mexico, un proyecto n estilo sustentabl en la finca se han proyectado areas verdes, jardines y areas de estar en la ribera del rio, cubierta por grandes arboles, para crear diez espacios para vivir en villas de diseño sustentable y armonico con la naturaleza.

Janina y yo Carlos sonkos los creadores y diseñadores del proyecto, avanzado en mas de un 80%, Janina en el diseño y creacion de4 los espacios verdes y jardines y Carlos en el proyecto territorial y arquitectura. conbtamos conpoco personal, el nesesario poara el mantenimiento y desarrollo. quienes acudan a Villas las Higueras viviran en una Finca privada con todos los servicios y atenciones de todos los participantes


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Following my partner's review, if you want to be away from the noise of the city this is the place for you. You can organise with Jani and Carlos to go to the city with them. otherwise you can take the bikes just mind yourself it gonna be a long ride. You will need to be organised with your groceries (there is nothing near by). Contact any of us if you want any more information.



So much to say! Stayed with my partner 4 weeks, and for both of us was such an amazing experience!
Jani and Carlos are both wonderful people, extremely friendly and kind. In 2 occasions my partner got sick and they drove us to Boca and Veracruz to see 2 doctors without hesitation.
The place is beautiful, very peaceful, just be aware that if you are going by yourself can be lonely... You'll get a nice tiny house to stay. Jobs are easy and they give us plenty of flexibility about the work hours. 2 pools to relax in the evenings.
More in my partner's review...



Nice and friendly people. The place is pretty and organized. I had a great time with them.


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